Money Might Buy Happiness: High Living Costs Make LA Residents Less Happy Than Rest Of USHigh living costs in Los Angeles may be making residents less satisfied with their lives compared to people across the nation, a new USC study revealed.
Mayo Clinic Believes They Have Found Out Why People Are Getting Sick -- And Some Dying -- From VapingAcross the country, the CDC says 800 people have experienced vaping-related lung injuries -- 12 of those people died.
Latino Actors Are Still Under-Represented, Stereotyped On The Big Screen, Study FindsThe study examined the representation of Latinos both in front of and behind the camera in the 100 top-grossing movies of the last decade.
Study Finds Parents Are Happier When Their Children Move OutAccording to a new study, parents are happier than non-parents as they reach old age, but only if their children have grown up and moved out.
Craft Beer Sales On The Rise As Mega-Brewery Shares DecreaseA new study has found that Americans are drinking less beer overall, but craft beer is still king.
Angelenos 'Most Stressed' Citizens In The US, Study ShowsIf you're trying to decompress, avoid the Hollywood and Highland Center, Universal Studios, the TCL Chinese Theater, Rodeo Drive and "any casting agency."
New Study Links Tap Water Consumption To Cancer DiagnosesA study released Tuesday claimed there is a link between consuming tap water over your lifetime and different kinds of cancer.
Study: Teens' Growing Worry About Discrimination Associated With Increased Smoking, Drug Use, DepressionA new study finds the growing incidence of displays of discrimination can be associated with negative outcomes in teens, including increased drug use, depression and behavioral disorders, among others.
You're Probably Washing Your Hands All Wrong, Gov't Study SaysResearch shows that 97% of the time, we're washing our hands incorrectly which can lead to contamination of food and surfaces, and result in foodborne illness.
Study: Even One Drink A Day Could be Shortening Your Life ExpectancyA new study explored drinking levels across 19 countries and found that consuming one drink daily could shorten your life expectancy.
World Autism Day: Could New Drug Make A Difference For Kids With Spectrum Disorder?Researchers are studying whether a first-of-its-kind drug can help with symptoms of autism.