14-year-old Girl Wins $25,000 For Discovery That Could Lead To Possible COVID-19 CureAs scientists and researchers around the world race to find a treatment for the novel coronavirus, a 14-year-old girl from Frisco, Texas, may have come up with the answer.
University Provides Virtual Option To Study Abroad Programs Suspended During PandemicAs American colleges and universities continue to suspend study abroad programs to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, officials at Purdue University say they've developed a viable virtual option.
12-Year-Old College Student Who 'Always Wanted To Be An Astronaut' Takes Up Aerospace EngineeringHe's not yet a teenager, but Caleb Anderson is already enrolled in college and is set to transfer to prestigious Georgia Tech.
STEAM: Inside The Billion-Dollar Industry Of Professional Gaming, eSports23-year-old Hawken Miller said his diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) at 6 years old limited the kinds of activities he could participate in, but eSports opened up a new door.
Central California Dad Builds $20 DIY Desks To Help Kids During Distance LearningA father of four in Lemoore, California, is taking matters into his own hands to make sure his children and other local students have their own space as they attend school remotely from their homes.
'Really Excited' Engineering Students Give Disabled Toddlers A New Way To Get AroundMiddle and high school students in Warsaw, Indiana, are using their engineering class to help toddlers with disabilities get around.
STEAM: Hospital Call Center Operator Encourages Youth To Practice PerseveranceOf all of the STEAM disciplines, running a busy hospital call center relies most on technology and art.
Demand For 'Critical, Though Often Hidden' Medical Lab Scientists Booms During Coronavirus PandemicEven before COVID-19, the need for medical laboratory scientists was growing "way above the national average." With the pandemic, the demand has skyrocketed, an expert says.
College Student Working To Create Dissolvable 'Non-Clogging' Toilet Paper By Year's EndToilet paper is back in the news, but this time its not about a shortage. It's because a college student is working to develop a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and dissolvable toilet paper.
'Early Warning': Scientists Collect Wastewater Samples To Thwart Coronavirus Outbreaks On College CampusesWith thousands of positive cases forcing quarantines and a return to remote learning, colleges across the nation are studying poop to determine if the novel coronavirus is present in dormitories and college communities.
Students Design Special Helmets For Frontline Workers To Snack, Scratch During Coronavirus OutbreakA pair of Vietnamese students have come up with a helmet that allows frontline health workers to eat a snack or even scratch their nose without exposing themselves to the risks of the coronavirus infection.
Young Man Recovers From Head Injury To Become 'World's Fastest Human Calculator'A young man who suffered a fractured skull at age 5 has grown up to become the "world's fastest human calculator."
STEAM: Discarded Masks Used To Create Eco-Friendly Surfboards At Torrance CompanyThe "zero-waste initiative" surfboard makers focus on collecting, compacting, condensing and then glossing the protective gear into surfboards that reduce the presence of masks in landfills.
'The Quaranteens': High School Students Build Recycling Tool That Could Be Sent To Outer SpaceWhen the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of summer camps, a group of Modesto High School students used their downtime to build a tool that might end up on the International Space Station.
'They’re Very Excited': High School Robotics Team Builds Device For New Morgan Freeman MovieA robotics team at a high school in Gulfport, Mississippi, have created a device that's playing a key role in a new Morgan Freeman movie.