'Early Warning': Scientists Collect Wastewater Samples To Thwart Coronavirus Outbreaks On College CampusesWith thousands of positive cases forcing quarantines and a return to remote learning, colleges across the nation are studying poop to determine if the novel coronavirus is present in dormitories and college communities.
Students Design Special Helmets For Frontline Workers To Snack, Scratch During Coronavirus OutbreakA pair of Vietnamese students have come up with a helmet that allows frontline health workers to eat a snack or even scratch their nose without exposing themselves to the risks of the coronavirus infection.
Young Man Recovers From Head Injury To Become 'World's Fastest Human Calculator'A young man who suffered a fractured skull at age 5 has grown up to become the "world's fastest human calculator."
STEAM: Discarded Masks Used To Create Eco-Friendly Surfboards At Torrance CompanyThe "zero-waste initiative" surfboard makers focus on collecting, compacting, condensing and then glossing the protective gear into surfboards that reduce the presence of masks in landfills.
'The Quaranteens': High School Students Build Recycling Tool That Could Be Sent To Outer SpaceWhen the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of summer camps, a group of Modesto High School students used their downtime to build a tool that might end up on the International Space Station.
'They’re Very Excited': High School Robotics Team Builds Device For New Morgan Freeman MovieA robotics team at a high school in Gulfport, Mississippi, have created a device that's playing a key role in a new Morgan Freeman movie.
'It Was Very Exciting': Engineering Student Builds Roller Coaster In Grandfather's BackyardAn engineering student from Rhode Island took the "work from home" concept to a whole new level over the summer, building a one-way roller coaster in his grandfather's backyard.
'John News': 7-Year-Old Boy Stuck At Home Launches Weekly Video NewscastIf you're getting a bit burned out on traditional news but want to stay informed, you might want to check out "John News," a video podcast written, produced and delivered by a 7-year-old boy.
'I Was Shocked': Young Entrepreneur Skipped College To Create Affordable 3D ProstheticsEaston LaChappelle was 14 years old when he designed and built his first robotic arm. Ten years later, he's looking to upend the prosthetics industry.
'I Was Terrified': Hackers Target Students Returning To Virtual Classes With Online ThreatsA virtual school day that got off to a normal start took a terrifying turn for a sixth grade student in Plano, Texas. A hacker got into his online classroom and sent him threatening messages.
Students Design No-Contact 'Futurebus' For Public Transportation In The COVID-19 Pandemic AgeHop aboard "Futurebus," a revolutionary public transportation design concept by students that offers a no-contact bus ride during the COVID-19 pandemic.