What Are Smart Cities?Here's an explanation of what smart cities are, how they are transforming Amerca
The Engineering Behind Hydrogen-Powered CarsHydrogen-powered vehicles, like the Toyota Mirai, are the car of the future – and the future is fast approaching. Their fuel comes from one of the world's most plentiful and least expensive resources – water, and they do not pollute. There are many reasons to consider buying a hydrogen-powered car, but as with any prospective purchase, it is good to know what it is and how it works.
What Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells Mean For The Future Of STEAM?The development and application of hydrogen fuel cells is exactly the sort of thing that California's addition of the Arts to the highly successful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education initiative was developed to support. Making these fuel cells of the future better, cheaper to produce and even more efficient to run is what STEAM is all about. While the need for science, technology, engineering and mathematics is obvious, it is through art that function takes form. For what good is a technology if nobody wants to use it?
5 Cool Tech Features Available In The Toyota MiraiThe hydrogen cell that powers the Toyota Mirai is the reason for its being. It is, however, not the only advanced technology that Toyota has incorporated or made use of in its vehicle, whose name means “the future” in Japanese. By Mark G. McLaughlin
5 Innovative Design Elements You'll Find In The Hydrogen-Powered Toyota MiraiThe most important of the many innovative design features in the Toyota Mirai is of course its hydrogen cell powered engine. That, however, is not the only innovation Toyota's engineers and designers have packed into this car of the future, a car whose very name in Japanese means "the future."
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