Student Team Preps For NASA CubeSat Program With Balloon LaunchA team of middle and high school students in Nebraska are working with NASA on a cube satellite project designed to improve the generation of electricity from sunlight
Girl Scout Cookies Take Flight With 'Pretty Awesome' Drone Deliveries To Offset Coronavirus Sales SlumpThe Girl Scouts are reaching for the sky to deliver their popular cookies during the coronavirus pandemic.
What'll It Be? Robot Bartender 'Barney' Can Mix Dozens Of Cocktails, Tell Bad JokesA Swiss robotics company says it's invented a fully automated bartender that can mix dozens of cocktails and even make terrible jokes.
University Students Develop ‘PortaVax’ To Get More COVID-19 Vaccines Into Rural CommunitiesMechanical engineering students at the University of Colorado are working on a solution to get more COVID-19 vaccines into rural communities by cold storage levels.
Apps That Reduce Restaurant Food Waste Can Also Help Fight Climate ChangeFood waste is a major contributor to the climate crisis, according to the United Nations, but now there's a growing slate of apps for that.
'I Like A Mystery': Artist Who Anonymously Left Small Metal Sculptures In Park For Years Finally Reveals HimselfSomeone's been leaving small metal sculptures in a park in Madison, Wisconsin, for years. But finally, the mystery has been solved.
High School Students 'Honored' To Build Customized Plane For People With Physical DisabilitiesThree high school students in Florida have not only built an airplane, but they’ve also customized it so people confined to wheelchairs can fly it.
Teen Climate Activist Creates 'Trashion' Shows From Garbage To Send A MessageA 15-year-old eco-warrior is making a splash in Lagos with her "Trashion Show," where models strut down the catwalk wearing outfits made by items we would normally throw in the garbage.
Listen: Scientists Create Music By Turning Spider Webs Into Harp-Like Virtual InstrumentScientists have translated spider webs into music, creating an eerie harp-like soundtrack that could help them better understand how the arachnids communicate as they spin their complex creations and may lead to advanced 3D printing techniques.
Lifelike Robots That 'Can Help Take Care Of The Sick Or Elderly' Get A Boost During PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic has created new uses for robots and some are becoming more lifelike than ever.
'You Are Loved': Bay Area Artist Gives Hope To Asian Americans Besieged By Racism And ViolenceA San Francisco artist is using her talents to send a message of healing and solidarity following a series of attacks on members of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community.