'Water Promotes Life': Environmental Engineer Reveals How She Cleans Up L.A.'s WastewaterJoline Munoz, one of L.A.'s Sanitation's top environmental engineers, helps lead the effort to protect and preserve L.A.'s scarce water supply.
Paleontologists Bring L.A.'s Ancient Past Back To Life At La Brea Tar PitsEmily Lindsey, Assistant Curator and Excavation Site Director of the La Brea Tar Pits, shows how paleontologists bring L.A.'s ancient past back to life.
ER Doctor Describes 'Most Dangerous Time' For Healthcare Providers Battling Coronavirus PandemicAs an emergency physician for 25 years, Dr. Mark Morocco has it seen it all. "But this is a unique, sort of unprecedented experience, even for doctors," he says.
'Just Go For It': Studio City Artist Turns Discarded Objects Into Sculptural MasterpiecesAt a Sun Valley junkyard brimming with obsolete aircraft parts, broadcasting gear and electronic pieces, assemblage sculptor Monica Wyatt is on the prowl for elements to compose her next masterpiece.
'It's Really Inspiring': Veterinarian Depends On Science To Help Stranded Sea Lion PupsBaby sea lions unable to catch fish on their own can wind up stranded on the beach. That's when the California Wildlife Center's marine mammal rescue team goes into action.
Infectious Disease Specialist Uses Detective Skills To Battle 'Diabolical' COVID-19Dr. Loren Miller, an infectious disease specialist at the Lundquist Institute in Torrance, is using his detective skills on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
Cirque Du Soleil Technical Director Uses Math 'Every Single Day' To Stage Multiple ActsAndrew Barrus, Cirque Du Soleil's technical director, uses plenty of math, technology and engineering in his job.
Landfill Supervisor Found 'Inner Nerd' To Learn How To Manage Our TrashAmanda Duchesne didn't think she'd make it as a scientist. But she found her "inner nerd" and now manages trash storage at a Simi Valley landfill.
Hospital Manager Relies On Math, Science To Nurse Sick, Injured Wildlife Back To HealthDenys Hemen, who runs the hospital at the California Wildlife Center, uses math and science to nurse wild animals native to Southern California back to health.
STEAM Sundays: Squirrel GazerKCAL9's Amber Lee introduces us to Amanda Robin, a biologist who calls herself a squirrel gazer.
STEAM Sundays: Scary Prosthetic MasksCreators of spooky masks at Knott's Scary Farm draw on their design and engineering skills.