New Remote-Controlled Robot Lets You Virtually Wander Around Art Gallery From AnywhereArt enthusiasts around the world can now visit a popular museum in Virginia from the comfort of their own home, thanks to a new robot.
Recruitment Drive Aims To Bulldoze Gender Barriers In ConstructionThe growing demand for highly skilled workers, especially for those in trade careers, has inspired a renewed effort to bring more women into the traditionally male dominated industry of construction.
World's First 'Full Scale' Ship Tunnel Gets Green Light To Begin ConstructionIt's full steam ahead for plans to build the world's first "full-scale" ship tunnel, which promises to be an engineering marvel when completed.
Kaleidoscope-Like Art Show Uses Fractals To Immerse Viewers In 'Totally New Dimension'A spectacular new art exhibit that combines light, sound and mathematics to create a kaleidoscope-like experience promises to take visitors into another dimension.
Female Brewer Brings 'Slightly Different' Perspective To Her Line Of WorkAs recently as a few years ago, there were only couple of female brewers in the city where beer is king. But thankfully, that's changing.
Nonprofit Aims To Give Black Girls A 'Fighting Chance' To Succeed In Tech IndustryJust three percent of computing-related jobs are held by African-American women, according to the National Center For Women and Information Technology. But a woman in Nebraska is determined to change that statistic.
88-Year-Old Math Tutor Says Teaching Kids On Social Media During Pandemic Is 'A Wonderful Experience'When the COVID-19 pandemic forced most schools to close in-person learning, an 88-year-old math teacher and tutor stepped up to the plate to help families around the world.
American Designer Student Helps Kick Off Paris Fashion Week's Tribute To 'COVID Generation'An American fashion designer student stranded in France during the COVID-19 pandemic has stepped into the limelight in an unusual edition of Paris Fashion Week.
Student Researcher Tests Electric Propulsion Systems To Help NASA Go Deeper Into SpaceThe successful landing of NASA's rover Perseverance on Mars inspired researchers at Western Michigan University who are developing new technology to make further missions to the Red Planet and beyond a reality.
Computer Science Student At Stanford Creates Twitter Bot To Help Coloradans Get VaccinatedIf you're having trouble finding an available COVID-19 vaccine appointment, perhaps a Twitter bot created by a computer science student at Stanford University can help.
Empty Mall Food Court Turned Into Classroom To Help Students With Virtual Learning During PandemicMany students across the country are struggling with virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic but an educator in Virginia may have found a creative solution.