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From Windsor Hills To Windsor Castle: LA Neighborhood Proud Of Its Soon-To-Be PrincessNews about the engagement of Los Angeles native and actress Megan Markle to Britain’s Prince Harry is the pride and toast of the town.
Our "Taking Royal Wedding Mania Too Far"-ContestBritish dentistry, so often the object of caustic jokes: I can't imagine why. For the love of God, I hope these ... aren't permanent.
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Enjoy Prince William's Groom's Cake At Home Cost Plus sells goodies from McVitie's, a British biscuit company that is making Prince William's groom's cake.
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Royal Wedding To Be Streamed Live On YouTubePalace officials will offer live streaming of the April 29 royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton on the royal channel on YouTube.
Advice To The New Royal CoupleHey! Wait a second! $,1600 was charged at the motel where this guy's son just got married. (Not hotel; motel. -Ed.) And a lot of the other purchases looked like stuff somebody getting married would buy.
Serena Scott Thomas Shares The Royal Love Story In 'William & Kate'Serena Scott Thomas visited the KCAL9 studios on Friday to talk about the film, which airs 11 days before the big event in London.
Check The Mail: Royal Wedding Invites PostedKeep an eye on the mailbox -- Britain's Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton have sent out invites to their hotly anticipated royal wedding to around 1,900 guests.
Cable Networks Planning Royal Wedding ShowsSeveral networks are planning a flood of royal wedding shows leading up to the April nuptials.