Research Finds Extreme Morning Sickness Can Harm BabyThe Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has spoken publicly about suffering from the condition during both her pregnancies.
Yale Study: Canine Minds Far More Complex Than Originally ThoughtResearchers at Yale are using cognitive interactive studies to learn more about how dogs' minds work.
UCI Researchers Find A Way To Unboil Eggs In Potential Cancer Fight BreakthroughIt's not time travel, but researchers say the new breakthrough could go a long way in advancing cancer treatments.
UCLA Doctors Hail Potential Cure For 'Bubble Baby' Syndrome Doctors say a groundbreaking stem cell therapy treatment out of UCLA may have cured "Bubble Baby" syndrome once and for all.
Local Mother On A Mission To Raise Funds For Ovarian Cancer Research After Losing Daughter To The DiseasePaulinda Babbini calls Robin a dream daughter - student body president, cheerleader, homecoming queen at Pacific Hills High School in West Hollywood. But at 20, she lost her battle with the disease.
Facebook Comes Clean About Social Experiment On Nearly 700K UsersFacebook is coming clean about a social experiment it conducted on nearly 700,000 of its users two years ago.
UCLA Researchers Warn Testosterone Therapy May Double Risk Of Heart AttackThe study followed nearly 56,000 men who used the therapy for just three months.
UCLA Sued Over Primate Research RecordsAn animal rights group has sued the University of California, Los Angeles, for refusing to release records on its use of primates in lab experiments.
Young Children Consume Too Much Fast Food, UCLA Researchers SayYoung children are consuming too much fast food, according to researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Where The Jobs Are: City Of Hope Offers Perks -- And A Purpose Employees of the City of Hope Hospital know the perks and benefits are many.
Her Own Reflection Is A Mystery Due To Face BlindnessWhile it's not unusual to have trouble recognizing someone, picture a world where you don't recognize any faces at all, such as those of your spouse or kids.