Only On 2: Toddler Expected To Recover After Falling Into Foul-Smelling Underground Storage TankThe child's rescue was captured on cellphone video.
Frightened Passengers Rescued Off Cruise Ship As It Rocks Badly Near NorwayPart of the ceiling collapses and you can also see passengers being flung about as the ship was hit by giant wave after wave.
VIDEO: Firefighters Honored For Harrowing Mountain RescueA man was found hanging 8,000 above sea level, upside-down over Lily Rock on the San Jacinto mountain range.
Good Samaritans In Long Beach Rescue 2 People And Dog In Sinking CarAnd the dramatic rescue was caught on camera.
Teens Rescued After Rafting Down A Storm DrainFirst responders say they received a call on July 17 claiming the boys had gotten stuck while rafting.
Thailand Cave Rescue: Operation Resumes For Remaining 9 Who Are Trapped -- Live UpdatesRescuers in northern Thailand on Sunday extracted at least four members of a youth soccer team from the cave where they had been trapped for more than two weeks.
Thai Rescue: Youngest Boy Trapped In Cave Dreams Of Fried ChickenTwelve Thai boys trapped in a cave have sent letters to their parents, and for the youngest of them all, foremost on his mind is the prospect of a tasty fried chicken meal when, and if, he is finally rescued.
Thai Cave Rescue: Former Navy Diver Dies While Exiting Flooded TunnelsA former Thai Navy diver who had volunteered to help rescue 12 boys and their coach from a cave in northern Thailand has died, according to government officials.
Thai Youth Soccer Team Found Alive In Cave After More Than A Week, Rescue Efforts Delayed By Monsoon FloodingGood news came just hours after rescue teams announced what they hoped would be the final push into the flooded cave network.
Migrant Honored For Risking Life To Save Boy Dangling From BalconyA migrant from Mali living in France has been offered citizenship by President Emmanuel Macron for risking his life to save a 4-year-old boy hanging off a fifth-floor balcony.
Pinging Phone Helps Locate Woman Who Survived 700-Foot Fall After Veering Off Mountain RoadThe woman managed to call emergency crews after falling down the side of the mountain but could not pinpoint where she was. Authorities used the phone's ping to approximate her location.