Bat Found Outside Irvine Shopping Center Tests Positive For RabiesOnce a person begins showing symptoms of having rabies, the disease is nearly always fatal.
Rabid Bat Found At Calabasas High SchoolAny students who came in direct contact with the bat and may have been bitten are urged to receive anti-rabies treatment as the disease is deadly.
Live Bat Found In Huntington Beach Parking Lot Tests Positive For RabiesBats have very small teeth, and their bites could go unnoticed.
Health Officials Issue Rabies Warning After Live Bat Found At Fullerton CollegeOrange County health officials issued a public warning Wednesday about rabies after a live, rabid bat was found on the campus of Fullerton College last week.
Monkey Impounded After Biting Woman Outside Beaumont Restaurant A 35-year-old Cherry Valley woman was treated at a hospital for a laceration on her forearm after the capuchin monkey reportedly attacked her outside Antonious Pizza on Beaumont Avenue, Animal Services officials said.
Rabid Skunk Found In LA County For First Time In 35 YearsThe disease has jumped from bats to skunks, officials said.
Dead Bat Found At Laguna Niguel Park Tests Positive For RabiesHealth officials say a dead bat found in an Orange County park earlier this week has tested positive for rabies.
Bat Discovered In Garage Of Costa Mesa Home Tests Positive For Rabies
Rabid Bat Found At Redlands Park Authorities in San Bernardino County say a bat found at a Redlands park has tested positive for rabies.
LA County Reports Record High Number Of Rabid Bats In 2012A record-high of 45 rabid bats have been reported in Los Angeles County this year, according to the Department of Public Health.
Bat Found At Santa Fe Dam Tests Positive For RabiesPeople who had contact with a bat at the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area in Irwindale earlier this month were urged to contact county health officials Friday after the rodent tested positive for rabies.