Do I Qualify For A VA Loan?For veterans, a home lone from the Department of Veterans Affairs may be the best option for finding and buying a new home. Many vets don't know that they qualify for these benefits. Here is how to determine if you are eligible.
Where Do I Get A VA Home Loan?Veterans, active duty military personnel, and their beneficiaries often hear about the advantages of a VA home loan. However, where to get a VA mortgage loan is a question often asked. Many lenders pitch attractive mortgage programs to veterans and their families. But are they legitimate and for real? For starters, borrowers should contact a well known financial institution or VA approved lender. If applying for your home loan online, confirm the VA mortgage lender is more than an e-mail and 1-800 phone entity. Also check its BBB rating. Mortgage originators approved and guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs are the exception. Otherwise, bypass lenders that look attractive but omit a complete address and contact information.
10 Biggest Benefits Of A VA Home LoanThere are multiple advantages to VA home loans for veterans, current service members, and their families. With flexible government backed VA loans providing significant benefits, homeownership can become a reality for veterans who otherwise might not be able to obtain financing.
Is A VA Loan Better Than A Conventional Loan?Veterans do not have to take a VA Loan, but they will find that a VA loan offers certain advantages over a traditional loan.
What Does Your Credit Score Have To Be To Get A VA Loan?If your credit score is in the upper range, you're an excellent candidate for home loan approval. But in a persistently soaring real estate market, what is the ideal credit range for VA loan applicants? Acceptable credit scores vary among lending institutions, including approved VA lenders.
Getting A VA Loan After Bankruptcy Or ForeclosureGetting a loan after bankruptcy or foreclosure can be extremely difficult. However, a VA loan may be a more viable option, even if you have one of these occurrences on your report. Here is how you can get a loan after a bankruptcy or foreclosure.
How Much Is The VA Funding Fee?The VA loan program opens doors—literally. With this kind of help, veterans who would otherwise be unable to buy a home can do so without having to produce a down payment, and that's a major help to vets looking to become homeowners.