Number Of Potholes On L.A. Streets Soars Due To Frequent RainThe number of potholes in the streets of L.A. has tripled during this winter, according to the city.
'Bel Air Has Worse Streets Than Pacoima': Officials Reject Pothole Repair 'Fallacy'Have you ever wondered how the city of Los Angeles decides which streets to repave and which ones to allow to deteriorate?
CBS2 Investigation: LA's Pothole Repair Numbers May Be Filled With HolesThe city of Los Angeles’ pothole repair numbers may be filled with holes, according to CBS2 investigative reporter David Goldstein.
CBS2 Investigation: Some Repair Crews Not In A Hurry To Fix City StreetsWhile the city of Los Angeles is looking into raising taxes in order to fix potholes, CBS2’s hidden cameras captured what repairs were really being made on the streets.
Mayor Garcetti Launches Pothole Repair Operation 'Neighborhood Blitz'Mayor Eric Garcetti Monday kicked off operation “Neighborhood Blitz” to repair potholes on Los Angeles streets.
Potholes Push Holmby Hills Residents To Back 90210 AnnexationIs the lack of smooth surface roads enough reason for one upscale Southland neighborhood to join itself to the most famous zip code in the world?
Drivers Tired Of Bumpy Roads Call 'Operation Pothole' Long OverdueCommuters should have a smoother ride to work Monday thanks to "Operation Pothole", a city initiative that had crews filling tens of thousands of potholes this weekend. Residents say it's about time.
WeHo Pot Dispensary Raids May Signal Tougher DEA StanceFor the first time in two years, federal agents took down a local medical pot dispensary — a move that could point to strategy shift by the White House.
'Operation Pothole' Moves To The Valley For Day TwoCity pothole repair crews will be hitting the streets of the San Fernando Valley Sunday, wrapping up a weekend blitz aimed at repairing as many as 15,000 pocks in the storm-ravaged pavement.
Crews Fan Out Across LA To Repair Damaged StreetsDozens of pothole repair crews are fanning out across Los Angeles this weekend to fix streets damaged in recent storms.
'Operation Pothole' To Patch Up Cratered LA StreetsIf your morning drive to work was bumpy enough to loosen your fillings — and your suspension — city officials say they're set to tackle the problem.