Pets2Love: SnoopyMeet Snoopy! He's a 3-year-old Chihuahua who loves pets, scratches and belly rubs. To adopt Snoopy, call the Pasadena Humane Society at (626) 792-7151 and ask for ID# A474062.
Pets2Love: MiloThis week's Pets2Love is Milo! He's a medium-sized American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a tan and white coat. He is friendly, curious and knows plenty of tricks. To adopt Milo, call (805) 388-4345 and ask for ID# A681467.
Pets2Love: HoneyMeet Honey, this week's Pets2Love! Her owner recently passed away and she needs a new home. If you're interested in adopting her, call (951) 358-7387 and ask for ID# A1506236.
Pets2Love: BaronBaron is a 2-year-old brown and black German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix. To adopt him, call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID #19-15789.
Pets2Love: WinnieTo adopt Winnie, call the Pasadena Humane Society at 626-792-7151 and provide them with the ID #A460374.
Pets2Love: Tiger
Pets2Love: BlitzenPETS2LOVE: Blitzen is a male, black and white Australian Cattle dog who is fast enough to pull Santa's sleigh! He's available for adoption now at SEAACA in Downey -- just call (562) 803-3301 and ask for ID# 19-10935.
Pets2Love: ToryMeet this week's Pets2Love: Tory!
Pets2Love: ChickyMeet this week's Pets2Love: Chicky!
Pets2Love: RhinoMeet this week's Pets2Love: Rhino!
Pets2Love: AmberMeet this week's Pets2Love: Amber!
Pets2Love: Wild BillMeet this week's Pets2Love: Wild Bill!
Pets2Love: CoconutMeet this week's Pets2Love: Coconut!
Pets2Love: SnoopyMeet this week's Pets2Love: Snoopy!
Pets2Love: PennyMeet this week's Pets2Love: Penny!