Pets2Love: TuckerTucker (16-21104) is a 3-year-old Poodle who weighs 13 pounds.
Pets2Love: CrissyCrissy (A1622931) is a 5-month-old blonde chihuahua mix who weighs six pounds.
Pets2Love: ShirleyShirley (1618219) is a 2-month-old Terrier mix who has the most adorable tricolor fur.
Pets2Love: MissyMissy (A1616783) is a 4-year-old Terrier mix who weighs eight pounds.
Pets2Love: TippyTippy (16-17041) is a 4-month-old Terrier Mix who weighs just under 10 pounds.
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Pets2Love: PeteyPetey (A1591263) is a 6-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who weighs 67 pounds.
Pets2Love: JessieJessie is an adorable blue American Staffordshire Terrier who is very playful and smart.
Pets2Love: RickyRicky (A1609469) is a 7-year-old brown and tan chihuahua who weighs only six pounds and enjoys lots of time being adored and cherished as a sweet companion.
Pets2Love: DreamerDreamer is an 8-month-old female Pitbull who has a beautiful blue silver shiny coat.
Pets2Love: ElvisElvis is a 3.5-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier who is as sweet as they come.
Pets2Love: PeachesPeaches (A1606780) is a 7-month-old Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel mix who weighs around 19 pounds.
Pets2Love: Keith UrbanKeith Urban is an American Staffordshire Pitbull mix who is around 5-months-old.
Pets2Love: PiperPiper (A1604379) is a 7-month-old Tibetan Terrier mix who weighs around 12 pounds.
Pets2Love: CoraCora is a 2-year-old Corgi/Terrier mix who was rescued from the shelter after giving birth to six puppies.