Survey Says 4 In 5 Latest Obamacare Sign-Ups Live In Trump StatesAn Associated Press analysis of new figures from the government found that 7.3 million of the 8.8 million consumers signed up so far for next year come from states Trump won in the 2016 presidential election.
CA Is Outspending The U.S. Government To Market ObamacareThe feds have slashed ad dollars to $10 million, down from $100 million last year.
With The Painful Reality Of Skyrocketing Health-Insurance Premiums, What Can You Do? "I opened up the mail yesterday and I literally had to sit down," said Jen Levinson, a Calabasas mother of five.
The Latest: Trump Criticizes McCain Over Health Care BillTrump is calling McCain's opposition "sad" and "a horrible, horrible thing" for the Republican Party.
John McCain Comes Out Against GOP's Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal BillSen. John McCain announced Friday that he opposes the Republicans' last-ditch Obamacare repeal effort, which could almost nearly kill the bill.
McConnell Throws In The Towel On Current Trump Care BillStunning defeat for the party that controls the White House and Congress. 
5 GOP Senators Now Oppose Health Bill — Enough To Sink ItNevada Republican Dean Heller became the fifth GOP senator to declare his opposition to the party's banner legislation to scuttle much of Barack Obama's health care overhaul.
Another Round Of Health Insurance Premium Hikes: Blame Trump Or Obama?Many insurers in the subsidized markets created by the Affordable Care Act are still struggling to overcome financial losses.
GOP Moves Step Closer To Repealing Obamacare; What Does It Mean For California?After scores of tries, missteps and false starts the GOP got the votes Thursday -- albeit by a slim margin 217-213.
President Trump Blames Democrats For GOP Failure To Replace ObamacareMr. Trump and Ryan already pushed to blaming Democrats, with Mr. Trump saying “we had no Democrat support” and Ryan saying that “moving from opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains.”
Voters Converge On Districts Of 3 GOP Officials To Show Support For Obamacare"We’re scared. I'm terrified. I have not been active since save the whales, save the redwoods," said Elaine West.