1.5-Mile-Wide Asteroid 1998 OR2 Passes By EarthA 1.5-mile wide asteroid dubbed “1998 OR2” came within 3.9 million miles of Earth Wednesday just before 3 a.m. — a close call in space, but the planet was never in danger.
NASA Shows You What The Hubble Space Telescope Saw On Your BirthdayNASA is celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope's 30th year in orbit by offering a chance to see what photo the telescope took on your birthday.
Making History: NASA Conducts First Ever All-Female SpacewalkAstronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, soaring 260 miles above a wave of public interest, floated outside the International Space Station Friday.
NASA Schedules All-Female Spacewalk For Later This MonthAfter canceling what would have been a history-making all-female space walk in March, NASA announced Friday that it would again attempt to make history later this month.
NASA Research Plane To Make Second Low-Level Flyover Of LA BasinA NASA DC-8 airliner will once again conduct low-altitude flights Thursday over the Los Angeles Basin after causing a stir during a similar flyover earlier this summer.
Rock Blown 3 Feet By Mars Rover Named After The Rolling StonesBefore taking the stage at the Rose Bowl for their first concert there in 25 years, “Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr. announced that NASA had named a rock that had rolled as the InSight lander arrived on the Red Planet after the iconic band.
The Rolling Stones Return To Rose Bowl For First Time In 25 YearsIt's been 25 years since the Rolling Stones played at the Rose Bowl, and tonight they brought with them special guest Robert Downey Jr. who announced that NASA had named a rock after the band.
NASA: Jetliner Seen Flying Low Over Altadena Was Part Of Study On Fire Smoke, Air QualityA large jetliner spotted flying low over the foothills Monday belonged to NASA and was part of a study on air quality, officials said.
Chris Kraft, First Flight Director For NASA, Dies At 95Behind America's late leap into orbit and triumphant small step on the moon was the agile mind and guts-of-steel of Chris Kraft, making split-second decisions that propelled the nation to once unimaginable heights.
Engineers, Support Staff From Apollo 11 Crew Look Back On 50th Anniversary Of Moon LandingOf all the "Where were you when it happened" stories you will hear this weekend, none will be more personal that what you hear from the crew assembled in Downey.
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Special To Air On CBSThe 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 will be honored with a brand new special coming to CBS.
The Future Of Space: Private-Public Partnerships Eye Next Moon LandingThe Apollo program, which first took man to the moon, took a tremendous amount of resources. Now, public-private partnerships are helping move closer to the next moon landing.
TIMELINE: Mission Moon, NASA's Apollo ProgramNASA’s Apollo space program was dedicated to putting American astronauts on the moon.
INFOGRAPHIC: Apollo 11 By The NumbersNeil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin launched from Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969 with a mission to land on the moon.
Apollo 11’s 4th Crew Member: A Ground-Breaking, 70 Pound ComputerThe Apollo 11 crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, but there was a crucial “fourth crew member” on board: the Apollo Guidance Computer.