'No One Is Above The Law': Pelosi Launches Impeachment InquiryHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the establishment of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Tuesday afternoon.
Pelosi Says Full House To Vote On Holding Barr In Contempt 'When We're Ready'House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the full House will vote on whether to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress "when we're ready."
Nancy Pelosi Says 'Happy Thanksgiving' During Border Security Bill Signing On Valentine's DaySpeaker Nancy Pelosi was so thankful to be signing a border security bill aimed at averting another government shutdown that she wished those gathered a Happy Thanksgiving – on Valentine's Day.
House Passes Bill To End Government Shutdown, Trump Signs ItThe Senate passed the bill Friday afternoon.
Trump Calls Off Military Transport For European Trip For Pelosi, SchiffU.S. Congressman and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) was among several Democratic leaders who were aboard a bus headed to the airport
116th Congress Makes History With Record-Setting Number Of WomenThe 116th class of Congress broke barriers before its members even set foot in Washington.
Pelosi As House Speaker Would 'Show The Power Of The Gavel'It's a pivotal moment for Nancy Pelosi.
Nancy Pelosi Joins Catholic 'Nuns On The Bus' For 'Tax Justice Truth Tour' En Route To Trump's Mar-a-LagoCatholic nuns have joined forces with leading figures of the Democratic Party to call out what they see as the GOP's abdication of their duty to the American people.
New Plan From Some House Democrats Aims To Oust Nancy PelosiSenior aides doubt the plan would work — but it shows Democrats remain concerned about Pelosi's potential drag on candidates in competitive races.
Trump Says If He's Impeached The Market Will Crash, 'Everyone Would Be Very Poor'Democratic leaders know -- and worry about -- the power of Trump's politics of fear.
GOP Congressman Suspends Re-Election Campaign After Being Charged With Insider TradingCollins' decision not to actively campaign could give his opponent, Democrat Nate McMurray, an opportunity to pick up the heavily Republican western New York district, which stretches between the suburbs of Buffalo and Rochester.