2 Women On Probation For Burglary Arrested On Suspicion Of Massive Crime Spree In FontanaSo far, Fontana police have identified 250 victims.
Corona Man Tails Suspected Mail Thief, Act Caught On TapePolice didn't catch the suspect being tailed, but the case led police to arrest two other suspects.
2 ID Theft Suspects Captured in ColtonThey are accused of stealing thousands of dollars through mail and identity theft.
Prescription Drug Mail Thief Caught On Camera, Infuriates CoupleWhen Alexandra and Jeff Jackson didn't receive their prescription medications they checked their security video. Seven minutes into the tape a man is seen swiping it all.
Woman In Mercedes-Benz Arrested In Thefts Of Hundreds Of PackagesVideo shows the suspect grabbing mail and packages from doorsteps. She drove a new Mercedes. Police suspect identity theft as a possible motive, and the US Postal Inspector is investigating.
Sophisticated Mail Thieves Target Homes In San Fernando ValleySurveillance video captured two crooks stealing a large package from a home located in North Hollywood.
Buena Park Police Seek Mail Thieves Targeting SeniorsA man and a woman entered a senior apartment building through an unsecured door and stole mail and packages, police say.
Woman Caught On Camera Allegedly Stealing 2 Packages In Alhambra Pleads Not GuiltyIf convicted, she faces up to four years in prison.
Mail Thefts Soar As Thieves Target Mailboxes, Post Office Drop-OffsThieves even go as far as placing a sticky substance inside those blue mailboxes outside post offices in hopes of snatching people's mail before it's picked up.
USPS: Thieves Using Master Key To Steal Mail In Some Southland NeighborhoodsSome victims say they are tired of being violated and have set up a Facebook page in effort to stop it from happening again.
Man Accused Of Trying To Steal Mail In Woodland Hills May Have Been Caught On VideoResidents in Woodland Hills are being warned to keep locks on their mailboxes after police say there has been an increase in mail and identity theft in the area.