How To Humiliate Your Kid, Around the World"Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should & should not post! BYE-BYE :( "
The Alligator and the Infant: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Your Choice: Would You Rather Have a Cell Phone, or This?Certainly, nobody who remembers that first solo drive to pick up friends would trade the experience for texting said friends from the family room.
Why It Pays to Look Your Best on Mugshot Day
Prom Dress Appropriateness: You Be the Judge
For Everybody Who's Been Asking: "Whatever Happened to Paris Hilton?"And for the record, I don't think her pink leisure suit is anything less than fetching.
Something That Looks so Much Better in the Rear-View Mirror It's curious, but I can't even find an illustration online to prove my point-- as if all visual references have been removed so the company can deny all.
High-Fashion Cougars, at Your FeetA few years ago, someone (a female) finally explained the importance of shoe styles, in terms I could understand: cars. She said they were like concept cars at the car show: outrageous, and never....
Our Whitney, Beer, and MackerelOfficers reported an influx of drivers with spoons.
Billboards You Will Not Ever See in The U.S.Sit on the bus bench, and the scale reads out your weight ... in big red digital numbers. It's an ad for ...
When Glamor Shots Go Horribly WrongLet's see: the guy with the bow seems to be in pretty good shape (ditto his gal pal). But the guy with the kid has a cocoa bean necklace and a helicopter.
Get on the Elevator, and Stick Out Your Tongue. Or Don't1,325 Jaffa Cakes later, the elevator (or "lift" as they say, sniffily, over there) is ready for business. I say, either be the first one onboard, or keep your tongue to yourself.
Yea, Well, It's Still Better Than a Trip on the TitanicAs not one, but two cruise lines recreate the splednor of the Titanic 100 years ago this week -- well, not the entire voyage, one hopes -- this picture reminds us some Hollywood magic is best left to Hollywood.
The Most Embarrassing Headline, EverThere's bad, and there's bad.
Quotes to Write in Your Yearbook. Or Not."Do NOT mess with Kevin Chang. Seriously."