KNX On Your Corner: West Covina SportsplexA major landfill site is getting a new life as the West Covina Sportsplex.
KNX On Your Corner: Irwindale MiningIrwindale is known for many things: the speedway, a brewery - and yes, mountains of rock.
KNX On Your Corner: Bert's Mega-MallThe eastern region of the San Gabriel Valley boasts the world's largest "power sports store".
KNX On Your Corner: The Donut HoleWith a drive-thru tunnel shaped like two giant doughnuts, the Donut Hole in La Puente has become the most photographed bakery in the state.
KNX On Your Corner: Irwindale Speedway If you've had dreams of becoming the next Mario Andretti, a spin around the track at more than 100 miles per hour could be as close as Irwindale.
KNX On Your Corner: Mount San Antonio CollegeIt boasts an impressive history and a massive campus.
KNX On Your Corner: McDonald's Production CenterWhenever you see a commercial for McDonald's, there's a good chance it was filmed in the City of Industry.
KNX On Your Corner: Citrus Valley Health Partners When it comes to medical care in the eastern San Gabriel Valley, people rely on a family of hospitals that make up the Citrus Valley Health Partners.
KNX On Your Corner: Nogales BandThe eastern San Gabriel Valley is home to the award-winning Nogales High School Noble Regiment Band.
KNX On Your Corner: Farmer's MarketIt’s a bustling place that has roots that go all the way back to the 1880s.
KNX On Your Corner: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Some may think of it as the "hospital to the stars", but Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is much more than that.
KNX On Your Corner: The GroveIf you cruise up Fairfax, you'll find yourself right next to the original Farmer’s Market.
KNX On Your Corner: Oki DogIt’s a hot dog stand with a prominent place in punk music history.
KNX On Your Corner: Fairfax High School- Just blocks away from Canter's Deli is Fairfax High School, which this year celebrates its 90th birthday.
KNX On Your Corner: Beverly CenterThe Beverly Center has been a go-to shopping center for decades.