California Gubernatorial Candidates Newsom, Cox Make Last-Minute Push To Get Voters To The Polls Nov. 6Election day is three days away, leaving two more days for intense campaigning.
GOP's Cox Faces Tough Slog In Race For California GovernorRepublican John Cox thinks high taxes, a high cost of living and a growing housing crisis give him an opening to take on Democrat Gavin Newsom in the fight to be California's next governor. But he faces a tough slog convincing voters that they should cast their lot with a Republican in a state where the party's support has eroded and Democrats routinely win every statewide election.
Villaraigosa Reported Struggling To Stay Alive In Governor's RaceMultiple polls, including one just released by UC Berkeley, show Republican businessman John Cox edging out former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for second place in the June 5 primary, but Villaraigosa and his allies are working feverishly to make sure that does not happen.
California Election 2018: John Chiang Wears 'Wonk' Label As Badge Of Honor, Says Substance Is What State NeedsDemocratic gubernatorial candidate John Chiang has called the campaigns of his competitors Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa "scams," and he says that's the kind of substantive governor the state needs, especially when it comes to California's students. Dave Bryan reports.
California Election 2018: Travis Allen, Lone Trump Voter Running, Promises To End 'Illegal Sanctuary,' Require Voter IDThe current Republican assemblyman from Huntington Beach is toeing the Trump party line, promising to end in his first 100 days as governor the state's sanctuary status, implement voter ID requirements and put an end to California's high-speed rail project. The president, however, is backing John Cox in the race for governor. Dave Bryan reports.
California Election 2018: Endorsed By Trump, John Cox Says President Not To Blame For State's Housing Crisis, Gas Prices, TaxesGOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox tells CBS2's Dave Bryan the president has nothing to do with the problems facing Californians, adding he can do for the state what top Democratic candidates Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa failed to do for their cities as mayors.