Father, Legal Resident With Green Card Detained By ICE At Home Released From Detention After Judge's DecisionJose Luis Garcia, a legal resident who has been in the U.S. since age 13, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on June 10 as he was watering the lawn at his Arleta home.
CBS News Interview With ICE Whistleblower Interrupted By Surprise Visit From Government AgentsJames Schwab, who resigned in March because he says the Trump administration asked him to spread a lie, called the surprise visit an "intimidation" technique.
Democratic Lawmakers Angry At What They Find At Texas Detention CenterJeff Merkley (D.-Oregon) told reporters during a press conference in Brownsville, "They call it 'zero tolerance,' but a better name for it is zero humanity, and there's zero logic to this policy."
ICE Rounds Up 162 Undocumented Immigrants In LA OperationAbout 90 percent of those arrested had criminal records, ICE reported.
Trump Administration Arresting Noncriminal Immigrants In increasing Numbers, New Figures ShowA growing percentage of immigrants arrested by the Trump administration don't have criminal convictions on their records, even though officials have repeatedly said arresting criminals is their priority.
'My Next Call Is To ICE To Have Each One Of 'Em Kicked Out Of My Country': Man Threatens Restaurant Employees For Speaking SpanishJournalist Shaun King tweeted Wednesday morning some of the man's former classmates had identified him as NYC attorney Aaron M. Schlossberg.
OC City Weighs Opting Out Of So-Called Sanctuary LawThe City of Los Alamitos will discuss opting out of California's sanctuary state law on Monday.
Inside A California Safe House, Hiding From ICE"I grew up in the time where the Holocaust was not so far behind me," says the Jewish woman whose apartment is being used as a safe house for a Latino immigrant family.