El Niño Has Left Much Of Drought-Stricken California In DustEl Niño has so far left much of drought-stricken California in the dust, delivering a few quick storms but not yet bringing the legendary rain previously linked to the periodic ocean-warming phenomenon.
NASA Scientist Says El Niño May Still Bring RainDon't lose hope just yet. A climatologist says there's a high potential for rain in March and April.
Wetter-Than-Normal Conditions Possible Over Next 3 Months Due To El NiñoWetter-than-normal conditions are possible over the next three months, it was reported Thursday.
FEMA: Californians Buy Record Number Of Flood Policies To Prepare For El NiñoFederal emergency officials reported Tuesday a surge in the number of California residents who have purchased flood insurance, most likely in response to a rainy El Niño winter.
Unusually Warm Ocean Water Is Literally Making Sea Lions SickThe animals are having trouble finding food up and down the coast.
Drones Giving Conservationists Clearer Picture Of SoCal's Changing Coastline Due To El NinoNew laws are limiting where drones can fly but conservationists want them to be flying above the beach in order to document the coastline.
El Nino Storms, High Tides Cause Massive Coastal Erosion In O.C.Stormy weather and high tides have caused massive coastal erosion in Orange County.
What Happened To El Niño?The National Weather Service says El Niño is taking a break.
New NASA Technology Might Unlock Secrets Of El Nino And Provide Better Future Weather ForecastsThe new technology was unveiled Friday at Edwards Air Force Base.
Sand Buildup At Ventura Harbor Forces Its ClosureNo boats are going in or out because too much sand has built up at the entrance, impacting the local fishing industry.
'Citizen Scientists' In California Use Drones To Map El Nino FloodingForget about selfies. In California, residents are using smartphones and drones to document the coastline's changing face.