2 On Your Side: Latest EDD Scam Targeting Out-Of-State Residents Via TextCalifornia EDD fraudsters have already stolen an estimated $11 billion in unemployment benefits from the state, and now there's a new scam targeting out-of-state residents via text message.
International Fraud Ring Steals Billions In EDD Money From CaliforniaExperts say a large portion of the fraud against EDD has been perpetrated by a very sophisticated and organized criminal ring based out of Nigeria.
EDD Fraud: 3 Inland Empire Women Plead Guilty After Collectively Receiving $1.3 Million In Unemployment BenefitsParis Thomas, 33, of San Bernardino; 42-year-old Mireya Ramos of Colton; and 35-year-old Sequoia Edwards of Moreno Valley, were all arrested in April on suspicion of filing dozens of fraudulent EDD claims in the names of inmates within the California state prison system.
Federal Judge's Injunction Orders Bank Of America To Unfreeze EDD Accounts That Were Suspected Of FraudThe injunction forces Bank of America to unfreeze accounts and reopen investigations into stolen unemployment benefits issued on prepaid bank debit cards. The bank was also ordered to improve its customer service.
2 USPS Employees Plead Guilty To EDD FraudTwo United States Postal Service employees pleaded guilty Monday to federal criminal charges of defrauding the California Employment Development Department, the U.S. Department of Justice said.
Goldstein Investigates: Scammers Going Old School In Attempt To Defraud EDDWhile it's hard to tell how much fraud is being perpetrated by the fax scam alone, it has been estimated that as much as 10% of benefits paid out have been fraudulent.
Skimming Devices Targeting EDD Debit Cards Found At Several ATMs In Thousand OaksEDD debit cards do not contain EMV chips, which encrypts the data, and allows fraudsters to skim the card data more easily, according to investigators.
Tenn. Couple Arrested In California EDD Fraud Cases, Linked To Theft Of At Least $675,000 In Unemployment BenefitsJessica Sanchez, 36, and 29-year-old Charles Hutchinson, are being held by authorities in Knoxville, Tenn. They will be extradited to California to stand trial in connection with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s fraud and cyber crimes case.
Federal Prosecutors: 3 Inland Empire Women Behind More Than 100 Cases Of EDD FraudSequoia Edwards, 35, of Moreno Valley; 42-year-old Mireya Ramos of Colton; and 33-year-old Paris Thomas of San Bernardino, were all arrested this week on suspicion of filing dozens of fraudulent EDD claims in the names of California state prison inmates.
4 Men Wanted In Connection With Riverside-Area Cases Of EDD FraudPolice say there has been a surge in unemployment benefit fraud reports since August of last year.
San Dimas Man Pleads Guilty To Fraudulently Obtaining Over $500K In Unemployment BenefitsA San Dimas man pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal criminal charge that he fraudulently obtained more than $500,000 in COVID-19-related unemployment benefits from the California Employment Development Department.