San Vicente Closed For 'Large-Scale Emergency' Drill In WeHoA full-scale mass casulty drill was expected to tie up traffic in the city of West Hollywood, authorities said Wednesday.
Downtown LA Drill To Feature Random Bag Checks At Union StationOver 1,300 law enforcement and homeland security personnel participated in a counter-terrorism drill in downtown Los Angeles.
Construction Worker Stops Assault After Approaching Attacker With Power ToolHermosa Beach police say a 49-year-old woman was walking on PCH and Pier Avenue with her 9-year-old niece Saturday evening, when 29-year-old Joel Jimenez, of Castaic, struck her on the buttocks, pulled her hair and started choking her.
Japanese Troops To Drill Beach Invasion At Camp PendletonThe troops will practice an amphibious assault on San Clemente Island and conduct a mock beach invasion at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.
LAPD Conduct Drill Response To WMD Device In Downtown Thousands of attendees at a Homeland Security conference in downtown Los Angeles Thursday got a first-hand demonstration of how the city would handle a terrorist attack.
Medical Teams, First Responders Hone Disaster Skills In Fake Bombing Drill First responders participated in a mock disaster drill at a South Bay hospital Friday morning involving a fake bombing.
Multiple Agencies Simulate Major Disaster At LAXOfficials from multiple public safety and emergency agencies converged on Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday for a major disaster drill.
Drill To Prepare First Responders For The 'Big One' First responders from across Los Angeles County are practicing for the “big one” Thursday in a drill designed to measure the response to a magnitude-7.8 earthquake.
Wildfire Drill To Force Topanga Residents To Evacuate Homes; First Time EverThe drill is expected to test residents' response to an emergency in a neighborhood that has only one major roadway by asking them to actually vacate the canyon.
LAPD: Joint Military Drills In Downtown LA Won't Disrupt Public's 'Daily Routines'If you notice a heavy military presence around downtown Los Angeles this week, don't be alarmed — it's only a drill.
Poll: Most Californians Oppose Additional Nuclear PlantsA Field Poll finds voter support dwindling for the building of more nuclear power plants in California, but a majority believes the state's existing plants are safe.