Disabled Woman Claims Delta Airlines Tied Her To A WheelchairA woman with multiple sclerosis says Delta employees tied her to a wheelchair after the airline failed to provide the flyer with the appropriate handicapped services
Delta Flies 8-Week-Old Puppy Across The Country To The Wrong AirportAn Idaho man says his new 8-week-old puppy appears happy and healthy despite being flown across the country to the wrong airport.
Delta Subjected To Retribution In Georgia For Crossing NRARepublicans in the Georgia legislature voted to kill a jet fuel tax break that would have directly benefited Atlanta-based Delta five days after the airline said it would end discounted fares to NRA members.
Flap Over Peacock Prompts Airlines To Change Emotional Support Animal PoliciesAfter a peacock was barred from flying into LAX, United Airlines has revised its policy on emotional support pets.
Hydraulic Issue Forces Delta Airlines Plane To Make Emergency Landing At LAXA Delta Airlines plane made an emergency landing at LAX this afternoon due to a possible issue with the plane's hydraulic system.
LAX Flights Still Recovering After Power Outage Hits Atlanta AirportSome flights were canceled, while others were delayed or diverted, at Los Angeles International Airport while air travel gets back on track after a power outage hit Atlanta International Airport, the country's busiest airport.
New Delta Charges For Baggage On Discount Flights To EuropeThe airline said that it will charge Basic Economy passengers $60 for the first bag and $100 for a second.
Kings Fans Can Cut Lines At LAX During PlayoffsThroughout this year's NHL Playoffs, Kings fans who are flying Delta will be able to jump to the front of the line while waiting to board their plane.
Delta Air Lines Ad Featuring Jumbo-Jet, Porsche In Thrilling Stunt Goes ViralLocal stunt crews managed to capture a jumbo jet, a Porsche and a helicopter as they all raced down a runway at the same time, and the video has gone viral.
Flight Returns To LAX After Woman Threatens Another Woman Over Bag BumpA Delta Airlines flight returned to Los Angeles Tuesday morning and a female passenger was removed after verbally threatening another woman during an argument, police said.
Delta Airlines Plane Lands Safely At LAX After Reporting Midair EmergencyA Delta Airlines plane Tuesday landed safely at the Los Angeles International Airport after the crew reported a mechanical issue in flight.