Bass: Efforts To Cut US Deficit Can't Come At Expense Of JobsRep. Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) is one of the participants of the Congressional "super-committee" that was created to cut as much as $2 trillion from the nation's ballooning budget deficit.
Chief Justice: Service Cuts May 'Fundamentally' Change Calif. CourtsAs California struggles to regain its financial footing, the budget axe could soon fall on the state's justice system.
Compton Cuts 30 Percent Of Workers In New BudgetThe Compton City Council will meet Tuesday night to find ways to deal with a $25 million deficit and avoid a government shutdown.
Obama Makes Direct Appeal On Deficit CutPresident Barack Obama is appealing directly to the public Saturday in hopes of influencing a deficit reduction deal that failed to materialize during White House talks.
Medical Workers At California Prisons Paid Six-Figure SalariesThe biggest factor behind the top salaries: payouts for unused vacation and sick time that sometimes doubled an employee's base salary.
LA County Earmarks 'Extraordinary' $3.2M For Creaky ElevatorsAn aide to one county supervisor said the county cannot afford such a high price tag for elevator repairs at the downtown headquarters.
UCLA Hits Students With Fees For Paying Tuition By Credit CardIt's estimated the policy shift will boost the school's dwindling coffers by over $6.5 million a year.
Audit: Shoddy Parking Meter Collections May Cost LA $500,000City Controller Wendy Greuel has released an audit showing the city could be missing out on a huge windfall from its parking meter collections.
Compton May Cut Hundreds Of Jobs To Stave Off BankruptcyAn independent audit says layoffs could be all that stands between the city and fiscal insolvency.
LA City Council Votes To Create Collection 'Czar' For Unpaid DebtPlans for the new position were spurred by a report in October that the city was owed an estimated $541 million.
City Council To Vote On 600 Job Cuts In $7B Budget The budget closes much of the city's $336 million deficit by reducing police overtime, redeploying firefighters and lowering the city's share of retiree health care costs.
Lawmakers: Tax Hikes Still Needed Despite $2B Revenue Boost An unexpected windfall in tax revenues likely won't be enough to sway Governor Jerry Brown to abandon his plan for tax increases
Budget Shortfall May Chop One Month Off Calif. School Year Failure to extend tax breaks would mean that $15 billion will have to be cut to balance the state budget as some of the state's largest districts.
Brown Seeks Victims' Help To Pass State BudgetGov. Jerry Brown asked groups representing crime victims and state prison guards on Monday to help him lobby Republican lawmakers on his proposal to close a budget deficit that once stood at nearly $27 billion.
Jerry Brown Takes Tax Pitch To Republican DistrictGov. Jerry Brown has taken his budget message on the road. On Friday, he stopped at an elementary school in Riverside to make his pitch that voters should decide whether to support a renewal of recent tax hikes.