Navy Confirms Pilot Died In Death Valley Fighter Jet Crash, Injured Spectators Being Treated For BurnsThe pilot of an FA-18E Super Hornet died after the fighter jet crashed Wednesday in Death Valley, the U.S. Navy confirmed Thursday.
Pilot Still Missing After Fighter Jet Crashes In Death ValleySearch-and-rescue teams were dispatched after a fighter jet crashed in Death Valley Wednesday morning and left seven visitors with minor injuries.
Death Valley A Hot Tourist Attraction During Heat WaveAt the tail end of a week-long heat wave, with temperatures in triple digits in several cities across Southern California, tourists are flocking to…Death Valley.
Top Natural Wonders In The USAAmerica is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders, from pristine lakes and mighty rivers to natural sandstone arches and snow-capped mountains.
Getaway Guide: Weekend Road Trip to Death ValleyDeath Valley is, in every sense, a hot bed for travelers. Temperatures reach into triple digits for the better part of the year, but especially in the summer when the record high so far is a flaming 134 degrees. Death Valley's 3,000 square miles of storied — and, at times, harsh — wilderness exists as part of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts Biosphere Reserve to offer a plethora of exotic lures many Angelenos never realized were located so close yet so far away from urban Tinseltown.
Best Places To See Southern California WildflowersYou can stop and smell the roses anytime, but this is the time to see some wildflowers.