Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time Ends SundayThe end of daylight saving time is this weekend, which means a delightful extra hour of shuteye.
Prop. 7 Will Give Californians A Chance To Weigh In On Daylight Saving TimeProp. 7 would repeal California’s Daylight Saving Time Act passed back in 1949, setting the state’s clocks permanently to Pacific Standard Time and eliminating the need to fall back or spring forward.
Voters May See Daylight Saving Measure On November BallotCalifornia voters may get to decide in November whether to take the first step toward keeping the state on daylight saving time year round.
Doctor's Orders: Start Preparing For Daylight Saving Time NowA tradition that has withstood the test of time continues early Sunday morning as we spring forward for daylight saving time.
Set Your Clocks To 'Spring Forward': Daylight Saving Time Begins 2 A.M. SundayBefore going to bed tonight, turn your clocks ahead by an hour.
Daylight Saving Time Linked To Higher Risk Of Stroke, Researchers SayDaylight saving time may not just be a nuisance, but it could have adverse affects on one’s health, experts say.
Calif. Lawmaker Behind New Push To Get Rid Of Daylight Saving TimeA Northern California lawmaker is behind a new push to get rid of daylight saving time.
Californians To 'Fall Back' An Hour As Daylight Saving Time EndsCalifornians will "fall back" an hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday as Daylight Saving Time officially ends.
Get Ready To Spring Forward: Daylight Saving Time Happens Sunday MorningThis weekend it's time to spring your clocks forward for daylight saving time.
Researchers Say Drivers Should Stay Vigilant Following Time ChangeWith daylight saving time comes more afternoon sunshine, more daylight hours to have fun and enjoy time with the family and a greater risk of getting in a deadly crash, according to researchers.
And They're Off! Thousands Of LA Marathoners Pound The PavementMore than 25,000 runners pounded the pavement Sunday for the 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon.