Jury Begins Deliberating Case Of Man Detectives Say Confessed To 'Cooking' Wife For 4 DaysThe case of a former Lomita restaurant owner who told sheriff’s detectives he bound his wife with duct tape, panicked when he found she was dead and “cooked” her body for four days to get rid of her remains has been given to a jury to deliberate.
Jury Hears Tape Of Lomita Chef Saying He 'Cooked' His WifeA Lomita chef on trial for his wife's murder told sheriff's investigators that they couldn't find his wife's body because he had slow-cooked it for days in boiling water until little was left but her skull.
Lomita Restaurant To Reopen After Chef Confessed To Wife's MurderLess than three months after a investigators dug up the floor of a popular Lomita dining spot in search of the corpse of the owner's wife, the restaurant is set to re-open its doors.
Man Who Jumped From Cliff Pleads Not Guilty In Wife's MurderA man who jumped from a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes while under the surveillance of sheriff's detectives has pleaded not guilty in the murder of his wife.
No Body Found At Restaurant Of Missing WomanInvestigators ended their search at a California restaurant on Wednesday for the body of a missing woman whose husband jumped off a cliff days earlier upon learning he was a suspect in her disappearance.
Sheriff: Restaurant Owner David Viens Admits To Killing His WifeA law enforcement official says a Southern California restaurant owner has told detectives that he killed his wife.
Is Missing Woman Buried Under Her Husband's Restaurant?Detectives investigating a Southern California woman's disappearance are digging up the floor of a restaurant belonging to her husband in a search for her body.
Man To Be Charged In Wife's Death If He Survives Suicide AttemptHours after reading a newspaper report that he is a suspect in his wife's disappearance and likely homicide, a 47-year-old man leapt off a Southern California cliff.
Murder Suspect Attempts Suicide By Jumping Off CliffA murder suspects tries to kill himself by jumping off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes Wednesday.