Senate Republicans Eye Short-Term Extension Of Unemployment BenefitsSenate Republicans are considering a short-term extension of expanded unemployment insurance benefits that are set to expire within days as members of Congress scramble to negotiate a larger coronavirus relief bill.
Senate Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus PackageThe Senate on Wednesday passed a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package with a 96-0 vote. Now the measure will go to the House.
Trump's Acting Chief Of Staff Acknowledges Quid Pro Quo Deal With Ukraine -- Then Dials It BackMick Mulvaney issued a clarifying statement late Thursday afternoon that read, "Let me be clear, there was absolutely no quid pro quo."
Democratic Lawmakers Slam Treatment Of Migrants In Texas Detention CenterNew York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she observed a pattern of "systemic cruelty" at detention centers for migrants during a trip to a facilities in Texas on Monday, accusing Border Patrol officers of holding women in cells with no running water and instructing them to drink out of toilets.
Breaking Rank: GOP Congressman Says Trump 'Engaged In Impeachable Conduct'Rep. Amash's comments on Saturday with regard to impeachment went further than even many members of House Democratic leadership
116th Congress Makes History With Record-Setting Number Of WomenThe 116th class of Congress broke barriers before its members even set foot in Washington.
Former Veep Biden Comes To California To Find It's Bluer Than BlueToday's poll shows democrats leading or tied in seats they haven't held for decades.
Republican Congressman's 6 Siblings Urge People To Vote -- For His OpponentSeven of Paul Gosar's nine siblings have publicly accused him of being a white supremacist and these six have had it.
President Trump Cancels Pay Raises For Federal EmployeesIn a letter to House and Senate leaders, Trump described the pay increase as "inappropriate."
SoCal Congressional Delegation Visits ICE DetaineesA group of Democratic congressional representatives visited ICE detainees at a Southern California desert facility to check out their living conditions. Tina Patel reports.
Leading Democrat Calls For Legalized Marijuana In All 50 StatesThe democrat's argument was heavily based on the belief that arrests for marijuana possession have become a punishment that doesn't fit the crime.