Study: City Of Hope Therapy Successfully Using Salmonella Bacterium To Fight Pancreatic CancerResearchers at the City of Hope say they have created a therapy that uses Salmonella bacterium to combat an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, according to a study published Wednesday.
New Treatment Uses Modified HIV To Kill Lymphoma Cancer CellsA new treatment takes a lymphoma patient’s extracted T cells and injects them with a crippled strain of HIV programmed to kill cancerous cells.
Man Pinned Between Truck And Forklift In DuarteA man was pinned between a truck and a forklift Thursday in Duarte.
City Of Hope Program Educates African-American Women About Breast CancerA campaign is underway at City of Hope hospital in Duarte to educate African-American women about the risks of breast cancer.
Where The Jobs Are: City Of Hope Offers Perks -- And A Purpose Employees of the City of Hope Hospital know the perks and benefits are many.
'ThinkCure!' Gave Boy Fighting Leukemia A New Lease On LifeRyan Compton loves riding his scooter around the fountain of City of Hope.
7th Annual LA Wine Festival Hits Raleigh Studios June 9-10
KNX On Your Corner: City Of Hope It's hard to believe that a humble medical facility in Duarte has evolved into one of the premier sites in the world for cancer treatment.
Dodgers Kick Off 3rd Annual ThinkCure! Weekend FestivitiesThe Dodgers are taking on their down state rivals this weekend...the Anaheim Angels.
ThinkCure!: Actor Jon Polito Managing Cancer Thanks To New TreatmentJon Polito is a veteran actor of over a hundred films, but possibly his most challenging role came last year, when he was diagnosed with cancer.
ThinkCure!: Doctor's 'Big Bang Treatment' Comes To Boy's RescueNate has a room full of toys and loves playing with his brothers. He is a child with his whole life ahead of him. But three different times in just 18 months his parents were told that he was going to die.