Child Care Worker, 29, Sentenced For Molesting 2 BoysAn Orange County child care worker convicted of molesting two boys in an afterschool program has been sentenced to 27 years to life in prison.
Police Search For Man Who Tried To Molest Two Boys At KnifepointTwo 12-year old boys were playing in a park next to a school on Sunday night when a man with a knife attacked and attempted to molest and kidnap them.
Jury Sends Convicted Child Molester Back To Mental HospitalProsecutors say a 75-year-old convicted child molester will be recommitted indefinitely to a California state mental hospital after a jury found he was a continued threat to children.
Convicted Child Molester Arrested For Casting Children's Movies Under An AliasA convicted child molester who worked under an alias in casting children's movies has been arrested on charges of violating sex-offender registration laws.
Facebook Agrees To Take Down Accounts Set Up By, For InmatesFacebook has agreed to work with law enforcement agencies nationwide to remove accounts set up by inmates or posted on their behalf, in part because prisoners are using the social networking site to stalk victims and direct criminal activity, California prison officials said Monday.
Convicted Child Molester Arrested In Whittier For Allegedly Annoying TeenA deputy with the sheriff's Parks Bureau arrested a convicted child molester outside the Sorenson Library in East Whittier Wednesday.
Convicted Child Molester Pleads Guilty To Porn ChargesA convicted child molester has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after he pleaded guilty possessing thousands of child pornographic images and books on child rape, torture and murder.
O.C. Prosecutor: Child Molester Committed SuicideAn Orange County prosecutor says a Huntington Beach man killed himself the day he was supposed to report to jail to serve a one-year sentence for molesting his girlfriend's 4-year-old daughter.