E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Yuma, Ariz.-Grown Lettuce Spreads To CaliforniaAccording to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, 53 people from 16 states have been sickened from chopped Romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Ariz. growing region. No brand has been identified, so no recall has been issued.
CDC Says Romaine Lettuce Likely Source Of E. Coli OutbreakThe outbreak has hit 11 states and has led to nearly two dozen hospitalizations so far.
Antibiotic Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' A Growing Threat In The U.S., CDC WarnsNew CDC report uncovered more than 220 instances of unusual resistance in germs that are now "virtually untreatable with modern medicine."
Antibiotic Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Spreading In U.S., CDC WarnsInfections of this kind are "virtually untreatable with modern medicine," CDC Principal Deputy Director Dr. Anne Schuchat said in a press briefing on April 3.
Worst Of Bad US Flu Season Finally Over As Illnesses DeclineFlu season peaked in early February and has been fading since, with the number of people going to the doctor with symptoms of the flu continuing to decline.
CDC Director Resigns Over Financial ConflictsWhen Brenda Fitzgerald took the job, she owned a range of stocks, including holdings in the tobacco company Philip Morris International.
Flu Hospital Visits Reach 2009 Levels, Nearly 100 Dead In California This SeasonIt's predicted that by the end of this flu season, 700,000 people will have been hospitalized for the virus.
Health Experts Alarmed Over CDC Allegedly Banning 7 Words Including 'Fetus,' 'Transgender'On Saturday a CDC official confirmed CDC officials were given "feedback" from higher ranks of the federal government at a recent meeting to reconsider certain language in draft budget documents.
CDC: 3 Babies Born In US With Birth Defects Caused By ZikaThree babies with birth defects caused by Zika have been born in the U.S., the government reported Thursday in its first accounting of pregnancy outcomes involving the virus.
CDC: 1st U.S. Case Of Superbug Resistant To Last-Resort AntibioticDoctors fear if the resistance spreads to other bacteria, America may soon see supergerms impervious to all antibiotics.
Health, Safety Violations Found At Thousands Of Public PoolsSerious health and safety violations force thousands of public pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds to close annually, the CDC says.
CDC Study Finds Fecal Contamination In 58 Percent Of Pool, Hot Tub FiltersWith a long weekend and summer right around the corner, everyone looking forward to a dip in their favorite pool should take heed of a recent study finding fecal contamination in thousands of pools and hot tubs.
CDC: E. Coli Outbreak At Chipotle Over, But Investigation Is InconclusiveThe E. Coli outbreak at Chipotle restaurants is over, Centers For Disease Control officials said Monday, but the investigation did not pinpoint one single food or ingredient as the cause.
Fears Grow In Wake Of Confirmation Of 1 Case Of Zika Virus In LA CountyNew fears have emerged over the incurable disease Zika virus amid confirmation from health officials of one confirmed case in Los Angeles County.
Health Experts Issue Warning Over Zika Virus For Those Traveling AbroadCalled Zika virus, it is transmitted primarily through mosquito bites.