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5-Hour Energy Drink Linked To Over A Dozen DeathsThe high-caffeine shot, 5-hour Energy has been linked to more than 13 deaths since 2009.
Monster Energy Drinks Cited In 5 DeathsCorona-based Monster Beverage Corporation is under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration after their popular energy drink was cited in five deaths in the past few years.
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Makers Of Four Loko 'Extremely Saddened' By Deaths Of 2 TeensThe maker of the controversial energy drink Four Loko says it is "extremely saddened" by the deaths of two teens whose bodies were found in a vacant Huntington Beach apartment.
My Back Is Killing Me! Eat Some Kale!Dental hygenist Mary Ann Delaney's back was always in pain. Excrutiating, have-trouble-moving pain.
Coroner: Man Consumed Caffeine Equal To 70 Red BullsThey come in all types of sizes, flavors, and colors, but the recent death of a 23-year-old British man has renewed fears that high-energy drinks may be dangerous to your health.
'Alco-Pop' May Be Harmful To Your HealthThere's a nationwide push to get the FDA to ban highly caffeinated, but legal, alcoholic drinks.
LA Attorney: Caffeine Murder Defense Tough SellIt's been in court before, but at least one local prosecutor says it won't be enough to save a Kentucky man accused of strangling his wife after a caffeine binge.