OC Middle School Music Program Crowdfunds Using CryptocurrencyA popular middle school program has turned to a blockchain-fundraising platform to raise money.
SEC Letter Shows Bitcoin Funds Won't Happen Soon, If EverThe Securities and Exchange Commission this week sent a letter to investment trade groups containing more than 30 questions that must be answered before a digital currency fund gets approval.
Bitcoin Continues Its Slide, Falls Below $10KThe price of the volatile digital currency dropped nearly 30 percent this week.
CBS2 Investigates: Growing Concerns About the Dark WebIn a quiet suburb near Los Angeles, wild partying gave way to a multi-million dollar, illicit empire operating in the secret corners of the Web.
Called 'Unstable' By Microsoft, Bitcoin Dropped As A Payment MethodMicrosoft employees told reporters at Bleeping Computer that the cryptocurrency's market was too volatile to keep using for online transactions.
Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin May Actually Be Worth $0Morgan Stanley executive director James Faucette has reportedly sent a memo to his group's clients that suggested the true value of Bitcoin was $0.00.
Stunning: Bitcoin Price Plummets In Just 24 HoursThe plunge comes after its price soared by more than 1,000 percent since the start of the year.
Bitcoin's Creator Still A Mystery As Net Worth Nears $20 BillionThe cryptocurrency has made its creator, who reportedly owns 980,000 Bitcoins, one of the richest people in the world as their digital fortune is now worth $19.4 billion.

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