2 Airline Pilots Report Seeing The Same UFO Pass Their PlanesBoth planes reported the sighting and now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a radio broadcast of the out-of-this-world incident.
Auto Pilot: Glitch Leaves Thousands Of American Airlines Flights Without Pilots For Christmas SeasonThe union estimates about 15,000 flights between Dec. 17 and Dec. 31 are currently not assigned pilots due to the computer snafu approved vacation for too many.
Hong Kong To LA Flight Canceled After Loading Equipment Catches FireAn American Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was canceled Monday after a piece of loading equipment caught fire.
American Airlines Flight Attendants Say Uniforms Are Making Them SickLast year the airline provided employees with new uniforms manufactured by company 'Twin Hill,' but since then these flight attendants say they've gotten ill and the uniforms are to blame.
Report: Passenger Who Tried To Access Cockpit Was Arrested At LAX Prior To FlightPrior to trying to get into the cockpit on the American Airlines flight, the suspect was arrested at LAX on suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing.
American Airlines To Cut Legroom In Economy ClassAmerican Airlines wants to shrink the already tight legroom in their economy class by another two inches.
Several Airlines, TSA Team Up To Cut Long Security Check Wait TimeJetBlue and Southwest offer frequent flyers incentives to sign up for TSA PreCheck while American offers new screening technology.
Major Airline Is Hiring Locally And Has Great PerksMore than 200 new employees are needed right now at American Airlines.