Opinion: President Obama Says Vote For RevengeOn Friday, President Barack Obama told his supporters at a campaign rally – inside a public high school, no less – to vote for revenge!
Opinion: Romney's Desperation Showing In Final Days Of CampaignAs the campaign draws to a close it has become very apparent that Obama will return to the White House and that Harry Reid will lead a Democratic Senate.
Battleground Map: Cast Your VoteCast your vote for president on CBSLA's battleground map, which is monitoring the race in all 50 states.
Opinion: Obamacare Should Win It For Mitt RomneyIf you’re still looking for a reason to decide on which candidate to vote for, think about Obamacare and the fact that one report after another clearly shows that it’s going to cost the nation much, much more than originally stated by President Obama and his administration.
KNX Campaign 2012: LA DA RaceThe race for the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County could end up making history.
Opinion: Sandy: The Match-Maker Of All Match-MakersAs odd as it seems, President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey are in the midst of a marvelous “bromance”.
KNX Campaign 2012: Prop. 32Should unions and corporations be barred from using payroll deductions for political purposes?
Opinion: Obamacare Is Bad For Small BusinessAs the final days of the presidential campaign of 2012 wind down, there is ongoing concern about what President Barack Obama’s law for requiring businesses to provide health care for its employees will do to small business owners.
KNX Campaign 2012: Voter PrivacyWe all know companies collect data on us when we surf the web, but what about political campaigns?
KNX Campaign 2012: Future DebatesNow that the debates are over, Charles Feldman takes a look back and forward with the chief television critic for the New York Times.
KNX Campaign 2012: Social Media2012 is the first Presidential election totally immersed in social media - from Facebook to Twitter, campaigns are being fought at an accelerated rate
KNX Campaign 2012: Super PACsThe rise of so-called super PACs has fundamentally changed the way presidential campaigns are fought. Charles Feldman reports.
KNX Campaign 2012: Expat VoteCharles Feldman looks at the role expatriate voters - military and civilian - play in presidential elections and how they can become controversial, just as they did in 2000 election.
Opinion: Obama Makes The Case: One-Term Limit Needed For PresidentPresident Barack Obama epitomizes the need for a one-term limit for presidents of the United States.
Opinion: Don’t Let Obama Convince You That American Success Is BadDuring the current election campaign, for the first time in American history, President Barack Obama and the “left” have made success in America to be negative.