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  1. Glenn M. Espino says:

    This website is not user friendly. Where bis the pets2love form and how do we upload the pic. It’s not CLEAR!!!!

  2. June Christie Evans says:

    I agree. How do you upload a pic of your pet?

    1. Rider says:

      I agree.. this site is not clear. Finally I figured it out.
      a. start over by going to the home page
      b. at the left column click on contests & promotions
      c.in the middle column you’ll see pets 2 love cutest pet contest and click that link.
      d. there you’ll find the rules and instruction on how to upload and sent your pets photo…good luck

  3. melissa says:

    agree. website sucks. whole thing isn’t user friendly or easy to navigate. cannot locate links

  4. Matt says:

    I agree, the cutest pets pictures are not working, you can not scroll through them.

  5. Matt says:

    I left a comment that it does not scroll through pictures, but it does.
    It takes a while to load. But it does work. Patience

  6. Kevin Redmond says:

    You upload the pic on the first page of the website. cbsla.com/cutespets. You brouse to your pic at the end of filling out your info.

    My problem is that I can’t view any of the pictures. It’s very slow.

    1. James says:

      I agree, the photo viewer is incredibly SLOW. My computer and Internet connection is blazing fast, but the photos load so slowly in the viewer. Maybe their server or connection is bogged down.

  7. James says:

    The photos are VERY easy to upload, in my opinion. You simply click the link to upload the photo and it uploads easily. Where’s the problem?

  8. I.M. Someone says:

    Picture uploaded has never appeared. Disappointed, to say the least.

  9. Catherine says:

    I submitted the pic, but it never showed up, 2 days laters…I got an email saying that it was successfully submitted though. And agreed, this site is incredibly slow.

  10. janis evans says:

    I do not see my Queen of Hearts kitty photo either, submitted wed night & got confirmation email!

  11. Melanie says:

    photo was easily uploaded. However, the arrow to view each pet on day 3 doesn’t respond. Someone needs to work on this site. It is slow

  12. MOMO says:

    Yo dude, nobody put my puppy pic up here yet. Yo, what gives huh?????

  13. william says:

    I submited a cute pic of my dog thurday night and i do not see the pic of my cute dog.. I got confimation email that you got it but no pic yet. If you have contest and said you put all pic on you have to do it how do we no are pets get look at for price

  14. Lyndy says:

    I submitted a photo of my cat & got an email confirmation that CBS received it. The photo has never appeared. This is not a fair contest if the email confirmations state that photos are received, yet they are never posted on the site. If there was a problem than the people should have been informed so they could resubmit their pet’s photo. I never enter contests because of having to give all my personal information. So that being said, I’m not happy with the way this contest was conducted.

  15. unfair contest says:


    Leave your comments @ yelp! All posts here were left unanswered!

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