header1 Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

Sedona, with its beauty and mystery, has long been known as a haven for nature and New Age enthusiasts alike. Surrounded by massive red rock formations (some of which extend more than a mile high!) make Sedona a unique and stunning destination. Here you’ll find plenty of art, outdoor recreation, archaeology and spiritual/metaphysical offerings, along with world-class hotels, spas and fine dining.
enchantment resort Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

Sedona is truly a special place and a stay at the beautiful and tranquil Enchantment Resort is sure to enhance your visit. Set among 70 acres of natural beauty (near Boynton Canyon) this luxurious resort is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The hotel offers an abundance of activities, such as hiking, tennis, swimming, mountain biking, a pitch ‘n putt golf course, championship croquet, bocce ball and ping pong. There’s even a Native American program for those interested in exploring the region’s indigenous culture and a Camp Coyote for little ones.

Enchantment Resort is also home to Mii amo Spa, ranked as one of the most renowned spas in the world. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to spa services and dozens of treatments for mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness.

Dine al fresco at Tii Gavo, which focuses on vibrant Southwest dishes like freshly prepared soups, salads, burgers, flatbreads and entrees. Kick back with a signature Prickly Pear margarita, while enjoying the view of Boynton Canyon and gazing up at the galaxy of stars above.

pink jeep tour Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

The best way to see the stunning red rock formations in Sedona is to get up-close. Pink Jeep Tours can take you on an off-road adventure like no other! Four-wheelin’ up and down steep mountains in the comfort of a rugged all-terrain vehicle is a blast and the magnificent views can’t be beat. Our tour guide was a wealth of information, from geology, to history and beyond. The Broken Arrow tour is a two-hour adventure that will exceed your expectations – a definite must while in Sedona!
cowboyclub jackiecastson Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

After you’ve worked up an appetite on the tour, the Cowboy Club Grille is sure to satisfy it with plenty of salads, sandwiches and entrees on the menu. Meat eaters can sink their teeth into beef filet mignon, buffalo tenderloin, elk chops or baby back pork ribs, to name a few. Be sure and order their signature dish of cactus fries, served with a prickly pear sauce. The green chili-garlic dusted French fries and garlic mayo also make a tasty side dish. Formerly known as the Oak Creek Tavern, this place has history and was one of the first gathering places for Sedona’s early settlers. Original wood walls display cowboy artists’ work and feature the second largest set of Longhorn horns in the U.S.
bellrock Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

Bell Rock Vortex

North of Hwy 179
Between the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona
More Info

Around 1987, a New Age tourist industry blossomed in Sedona, many attracted to the energy centers or “vortexes” that are concentrated in the Sedona area at Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. A vortex, if you believe in them, is a swirling concentration of energy emanating from the earth and Bell Rock is one of the most prominent in Sedona. Many claim that the energy from the rock is very powerful and can affect your mind and body, strengthening both masculine and feminine sides and bringing balance to anyone located near it.

twisted tree sedona Field Trip:  Sedona

(credit: Liz Laing)

Some say you can feel the energy as soon as you get out of your car near Bell Rock. You may note twisted juniper trees, growing towards the energy of the vortex. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, nobody can deny the beauty of the region that began to develop over 270 million years ago when bright red and orange formations of sandstone and limestone were originally deposited at the bottom of the sea (before this area became a desert). Wind and water helped to shape the rock over several millions of years. That alone is awesome, as are the other majestic Red Rocks of Sedona that you must see.

Liz Laing is a writer, web designer and photographer who lives in Los Angeles. Her latest projects may be followed on LizLaing.com.

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