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Are you looking for a local neighborhood to take your children trick-or-treating? We have an exclusive guide to the best neighborhoods, filled with haunts and treats galore.

Orange County:

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Downtown Huntington Beach

PCH and Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA
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Bring your beach cruisers and cruise down the streets of Huntington Beach, while collecting treats. The neighborhood surround PCH and Main Street is one of the most popular locations to trick-or-treat in Orange County. Families sit on their porches waiting to greet trick-or-treaters, while many houses are transformed into haunted houses.

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Nellie Gail Ranch, Laguna Hills

Between 73 Toll Road and Cabot Road.
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
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Nellie Gail Ranch is home to some of the largest homes in South Orange County. This neighborhood is well-known for their love of decorations. Most of the streets in this neighborhood host large block parties, often welcoming trick-or-treaters to join in on the fun. The houses are spread far apart from each other, so it is recommended to bring bikes or scooters. Your children will walk away with pillow cases full of candy after trick-or-treating here. This neighborhood is located between the 73 toll road and Cabot Road.

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Newport Beach

San Miguel Drive and San Joaquin Hills
Newport Beach, CA

Harbor View Homes (The Port Streets) has been a popular trick-or-treating neighborhood in Newport Beach for many years. It is not gate guarded and the neighborhood has a nice green belt that runs throughout the track. Most of the streets in this track are U shaped or cul de sacs. This neighborhood is located at San Miguel Drive and San Joaquin Hills.

Los Angeles:

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Pacific Palisades

Between Sunset and Swarthmore
Pacific Palisades, CA
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This is a family friendly neighborhood with many elaborate decorations. The best place to trick-or-treat is in the Huntington area or between Sunset and Swarthmore. There is plenty of parking and lots of door bells to ring.

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Santa Monica

Between Wilshire and San Vicente
Santa Monica, CA
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Between the streets of Wilshire and San Vincente, you will find a festive neighborhood to enjoy Halloween. Come early to find parking and to avoid street closures. Santa Monica Blvd. and vicinity will be closed on Halloween for a large Halloween festival.

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Beverly Hills

Between Santa Monica Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA
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This is a fun location for trick-or-treaters. The best place to trick-or-treat in Beverly Hills is between Santa Monica and Sunset. There are large sidewalks, for large groups of children to walk on. Be prepared to do a lot of walking because the houses are large and spaced far apart.

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Angelino Heights

1300 Carroll Venue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
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This street in Angelino Heights is a full of Victoria style mansions that were built in the eighteenth century. This is the perfect trick-or-treating neighborhood for older children, who are looking for a spooky trick-or-treating experience. This street is also home to the famous house where the show Charmed was filmed.

Inland Empire

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Seraphina Road and Eastgate Parkway
Temecula, CA 92591

You will find plenty of houses to trick-or-treat with your children, at the cross streets of Seraphina Road and Eastgate Parkway. Temecula has always been a family friendly area, welcoming to visitors. Come to Temecula early in the evening, and enjoy dining in a local restaurant in Old Town Temecula. Old Town is a quaint neighborhood rich in history.

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San Antonio Heights

N. Euclid Avenue and W. 24th St.
Upland, CA 91784

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One of the best places to trick-or-treat is in San Antonio Heights. San Antonio Heights cross streets are N. Euclid Avenue and W. 24th street. There are a lot of medium to large sized homes in this area to trick-or-treat at in this family friendly neighborhood.

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Sierra Del Oro

Green River Road and Serfas Club Drive
Corona, CA 92882
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Close to Orange County is the community of Sierra del Oro. This neighborhood in Corona is home to many young families excited to welcome trick-or-treaters. The best cross streets to trick-or-treat in this community are at Green River Road and Serfas Club Drive.

Shelby Barone is a local freelance writer in Orange County. She is a Mom to three young children and spends her free time doing volunteer work in her community. She is passionate about health, nutrition and helping people to live with food allergies. She currently writes at Glitterful Felt Stories.

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  1. Dottie says:

    I didn’t see anything about Alegria in Sierra Madre.

    1. Shelby Barone says:

      Could you please share the cross streets? We would enjoy visiting it this Halloween!

  2. Megan says:

    Redlands has 2 safe trick or treats. One during the dafternoon on State Street and on Oliva Ave. ForOlive, the thing to do is have a party and ask everyone to bring a gator candy. SO many kids!

    1. Shelby Barone says:

      Thank you so much for your suggestions!

  3. BECCA310 says:


    1. Shelby Barone says:

      Thank you so much for the suggestion. “Candy Cane Lane” sounds like a great place to visit this holiday season.

  4. JS says:

    Inglewood has plenty of houses to visit. They left out the entire area of south central L.A. Why, are citizens not allowed there?

  5. victoria says:

    what time and day at Laguna Hills?

    1. Shelby Barone says:

      Halloween night! 🙂

  6. Beverly Hills Realtor says:

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