STEAM Videos

STEAM: Meet A Pediatric Interventional CardiologistDr. Evan Zahn is a pediatric interventional cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center working on the hearts of the hospital's tiniest patients. But when COVID-19 hit and many pediatric surgeries were put on hold, he started using his fine-tuned skills as a member of the COVID Line Team.
STEAM: Meet A Vaccine ResearcherDr. Heidi Contreras is a vaccine researcher at City of Hope in Duarte. She said her job relies most on science and math.
STEAM : EsportsEsports is a full-blown sport with hundreds of colleges now offering competitive programs! For some, gaming is a hobby. For others, it will be their career.
STEAM: Meet A Maritime Traffic Control ManagerCaptain Patrick Baranic is the general manager for the Marine Exchange of Southern California. He says his job relies heavily on science, technology and math.
STEAM: Meet A Transport Respiratory TherapistMonique Steffani is a transport respiratory therapist — dividing her time between ambulances, planes and helicopters to help keep pediatric patients breathing. She said keeping her young patients alive during transport relies heavily on her science background.
STEAM: Meet An Event Production DesignerRyan Patterson is a production designer at Experiential Supply — the company behind the the WonderLAnd drive-thru experience. He said creating the festive display relies on technology, art and math.
STEAM: Meet The Teen Art Prodigy Who Got The Attention Of Kamala HarrisMeet Tyler Gordon, a teen and speed-painter who has gotten attention for his artistic talents from near and far. Chris Holmstrom reports.