STEAM Videos

STEAM: Meet The Computer CustomizersNewegg, a company based in the city of Industry, specializes in manufacturing high-end gaming computers. Of all the STEAM disciplines, the team at Newegg relies most on technology, engineering and math.
STEAM: Meet a Rocket ScientistMary Kalayjian is a rocket scientist working for Aerojet Rocketdyne in Canoga Park. She says her work uses all of the STEAM disciplines, but especially technology, engineering art and math.
STEAM: Meet A Permaculture GardenerMorgan Louis is a permaculture gardener in Studio City. Louis said of all the STEAM disciplines, permaculture gardening relies most on science and art.
STEAM: Meet A Robotics EngineerStefanos Nikolaidis is a professor of computer science with a specialty in robotic engineering. Of all the STEAM disciplines, Nikolaidis said robotics relies most on engineering and math.
STEAM: Meet a Research NurseAnnette Geddes-Washington is a licensed vocational nurse at the Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute in El Segundo. Of all the STEAM disciplines, she says her career as a research nurse relies most on science.
STEAM: Meet The Bike LadyKellie Hart is the founder and president of a Los Angeles bike club called Ride Wit Us LA. Founded as a response to the pandemic, Hart said running the business relies most on engineering and math. More information about the bike club can be found online at
STEAM: Meet A Dog RescuerMelissa Bacelar is the owner of the Wagmore Luxury Pet Hotel and Spa and Wagmor Pets — a nonprofit focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs in need. Bacelar said she relies mostly on science, technology and math to run her businesses.