STEAM Videos

STEAM: Meet A Robotics EngineerStefanos Nikolaidis is a professor of computer science with a specialty in robotic engineering. Of all the STEAM disciplines, Nikolaidis said robotics relies most on engineering and math.
STEAM: Meet a Research NurseAnnette Geddes-Washington is a licensed vocational nurse at the Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute in El Segundo. Of all the STEAM disciplines, she says her career as a research nurse relies most on science.
STEAM: Meet The Bike LadyKellie Hart is the founder and president of a Los Angeles bike club called Ride Wit Us LA. Founded as a response to the pandemic, Hart said running the business relies most on engineering and math. More information about the bike club can be found online at
STEAM: Meet A Dog RescuerMelissa Bacelar is the owner of the Wagmore Luxury Pet Hotel and Spa and Wagmor Pets — a nonprofit focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs in need. Bacelar said she relies mostly on science, technology and math to run her businesses.
STEAM: Meet an UpCycle ArtistChariya Bissonette is an artist with the Yamaha Cares Upcycle Program. She uses chalk and spray paint to help rescue discarded instruments destined for landfills. Of all the STEAM disciplines, Bissonette says her work relies most on art and science.
STEAM: Meet The Grammy Museum PresidentMichael Sticka is the president of the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. Of all the STEAM disciplines, he said his job relies most on technology and art.
STEAM: Preserving Grammy Award History In Downtown LAMichael Sticka, the Grammy Museum president, has made a career out of preserving Grammy Award history in downtown Los Angeles.