Past Segments

Mental Health Monday: The Fitness-Happiness Feedback LoopWorking out just two days a week can help improve your mental health, according to a Harvard study.
Mental Health Monday: Recognizing RegressionAs excited as so many families have been to return to school, teachers and students have noticed a concerning phenomenon - "social regression."
Mental Health Monday - Help For HolidaysThe holidays are stressful enough on their own. Add in the pandemic, and many are finding themselves struggling. In this week's Mental Health Monday report - Serene Branson shows that help is often just a phone call away.
Mental Health Monday: Cow Hugging Therapy (Nov. 29)The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita offers animal lovers in crisis loving cows for mental health healing.
Mental Health Mondays: Untangling Night TerrorsKCAL9's Pat Harvey shows us how he got to the bottom of a sleep disorder common with children but now on the rise with adults.
Mental Health Monday: Energy HealingAs COVID restrictions relax and we start to return to a more normal life, more people than ever are reporting problems dealing with anxiety. One strategy for coping: energy healing. Amy Johnson shows us who's doing it and how it works.
Mental Health Monday: Drum Circles Bring Joy, Relieve StressPeople are finding solace in banging the heck out of some drums. Suzie Suh reports. For more on starting or finding a drum circle in your area, visit
Mental Health Monday: Surviving Testing TimesThis Mental Health Monday, CBSLA's Amy Johnson profiles an Orange County woman who gathered the courage to dream after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.
Mental Health Monday: Knitting Circles To Relieve StressKnitting circles are making a comeback as more people are picking up their knitting needles to help reduce stress.
Mental Health Monday: The Healing Power Of AnimalsCBSLA's Amy Johnson shows the remarkable story of how a Gulf War veteran found healing by caring for traumatized wildlife.