HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — According to the official Huntington Beach Police Department Twitter account, HBPD officers reported to the scene of a shooting in Sunset Beach on Monday just prior to 12:30 p.m.

The incident occurred between North and South Pacific Avenue in a residential pedestrian walkway.

They were initially called to the scene when they received calls of an armed suspect wounding a victim. According to witnesses, the victim was on a bike ride with his wife and just narrowly missed the woman.

“The just starts [shooting sounds], just shooting them in the back as he’s going by,” said Bob Bellamy, a witness. “He didn’t do anything he was just out for a bike ride.”

Bellamy said that he saw the suspect exit the public restroom nearby and get into an altercation with a man prior to the shooting.

“It was like a delayed reaction, the guy leaves and then he’s standing there shaking and all tweaked out and he just kinda goes,” said Bellamy. “[He] stumbles back and whips the gun out, puts two hands on it, points it to the south.”

He then said that the suspect pulled out a small black handgun from his hoodie’s front pocket and began shooting at the couple riding by. Witnesses who tried to render aid said the victim was shot in the lower back.

“He fired more, ” added Bellamy. “The guy’s down on the grass and he’s like both hands and boom boom boom like he wanted somebody dead.”

Huntington Beach Police on the scene of an officer-involved shooting on Monday in Sunset Beach. (Photo Credit: Sky9 News)

Upon their arrival, officers were able to locate the suspect in the shooting. It was then that the officer-involved shooting occurred.

“Police arrived and he did not put the gun down,” said witness Juan Lopez.

Lopez added that officers ordered the man to put the gun down shortly before he heard shots once again.

“Officers did make repeated commands asking for the suspect to put down his weapon, said Officer Jennifer Carey. “Unfortunately, the suspect did not listen and continued to hold onto his weapon, which is when the shooting took place.”

As an investigation is ongoing, information made public was limited. One victim and one suspect were transported to nearby medical facilities, with injuries of unknown severity.

The authorities noted that there was no threat to the public and that no officers were injured during the incident. Both men were transported to hospitals.

Authorities said that the cyclist is expected to survive as he sustained non-life-threatening injuries.  The suspect is in critical condition. Identities have not been released.

The shooting left residents shaken and searching for answers.

“It’s kinda scary, like what was that person doing with the gun in the first place?” said resident Tina Anderberg.