By CBSLA Staff

RANCHO CUCAMONGA (CBSLA) — A neighborhood in Rancho Cucamonga has taken Christmas decorations to a new level. 

Virtually every house on Thoroughbred Street is decked out in flashy lights and ornate decorations, like a totally Grinch-themed house or a California tropic house. 

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“We liked this kind of classic Christmas look,” said Kevin Swartzlander as he remarked on the warm white lights engulfing his home. “And then our neighbors have the big show next door.”

His neighbors’ decorations are almost the complete opposite with a bunch of colored lights synced to a Christmas rock soundtrack.

“We like the contrast,” said Swartzlander. “They’re the palate cleanser.”

For decades, thousands of families could walk down the road and admire the intricate decorations set up by families like Swartzlander, however this year the crowds may have gotten too large for this small neighborhood, so much so that the line of traffic goes up to the Interstate 210 offramp.

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Because of the congestion, the neighborhood reached a compromise; limiting viewing times and almost exclusively restricted to their cars. Only a few days were allotted for families to walk through earlier in December. 

“There were two days only to walk through,” said visitor Theresa Marquez. “I was like ‘What?! Oh my god, we’ve missed it.”

Some visitors were looking forward to walking around including the Fu family, who brought their baby to see the lights for the first time.

“I think it’s a lot more fun when everyone’s on their feet and not just having cars line up and not being able to stop,” said Steve Fu. 

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However, even with the new changes, families are still enjoying the amazing light shows and decorative designs.