By Charles Feldman

Here are the top news stories you might not have heard about this week:

Two astronauts successfully conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Thursday following a delay last month over space debris. Astronauts took over six hours to replace a malfunctioning communications antenna. The spacewalk was the 245th at the station.

A games agreement was approved Friday for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic games, which will be held in Los Angeles. The LA City Council said yes to a roadmap for the games as the city prepares to host the nearly $7 billion event. The agreement says the games are paid for by the nonprofit Los Angeles Organizing Committee or LA28. In the event of a deficit, the city and state of California would make up the costs.

A new survey shows most vaccinated adults plan to get booster shots. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60% said they would definitely get a booster or already have. This comes as five cases of the Omicron variant were detected in Berkeley, California Friday.