By CBSLA Staff

PASADENA (CBSLA) – Saturday marked the first day of in-person, early voting for the recall election, and while many people have already mailed in their ballots, others preferred to cast their votes at a polling location.

“We wanna give everybody an opportunity to cast their ballot, no matter which way they vote,” said poll worker Bob Janicki.

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Saturday marked the first day of early, in-person voting for the recall election, which is just 10 days out. (credit: CBS)

In Orange County, 31 polling locations opened, with 108 opening up in LA County.

Motivated voters showed up Saturday to be among the first to voice their opinions in the upcoming recall election.

“I think this recall is just ridiculous,” said one voter.

On the other side of the political aisle, voter Jose Luna gave his opinion.

“It’s time for a change. It really is,” Luna said.

With just 10 days to go until the September 14 recall election, Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as those looking to replace him, are still trying to solidify support.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Joined Newsom in Culver City, holding nothing back about what she think is at stake if Newsom’s biggest challenger, conservative talk show host Larry Elder, succeeds.

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“What Larry Elder is saying is put him in the governor’s office and if he gets any chance at all, he will take away the duly elected Democratic majority and he will hand the US Senate over to Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. That’s why I’m here,” Senator Warren said.

Elder meanwhile was in Westminster making the case for recall.

“Businesses are leaving, middle-class people are leaving. The quality of our schools is declining, the price of living…gone up through the roof, crime is up. Nothing this man has touched has gone right,” Elder said.

Presenting himself as an alternative to the front-runners, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Falcouner said he reduced homelessness by double digits as mayor and can bring that plan statewide.

“I did not allow tent encampments on the sidewalk in San Diego because we care about people. We care about enough to intervene and get them the help and the support they need and to protect the quality of life of our neighborhoods and our small businesses,” said Falcouner.

YouTube star and Democratic candidate Kevin Paffrath needs all 1.7 million of his YouTube followers, and many more, to get him into the governor’s seat. At least one poll, at one point in time, had the influencer as the leading replacement candidate.

” I think it’s evident whether people are for or against the recall. I make it clear Democrats should vote for a backup candidate. I think it’s selfish of Governor Newsom to say leave the second part of the ballot blank. I think it’s un-American,” Paffrath said. “This isn’t a Republican recall, it’s a California recall. People are frustrated with the leadership we’ve had.”

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The LA County Registrar’s office said more than 7,500 people voted in person today at early voting sites like this one here in Pasadena.