By CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Students are shaken at the University of California, Los Angeles after a sexual predator broke into a female student’s apartment and groped her as she slept.

The suspect remained at large Friday night and police have issued a crime alert, urging students to be more vigilant.

The incident happened early Friday morning at an off-campus apartment.

“To think that that’s actually happening in a very student-run neighborhood is actually very scary,” said graduate student Jasmin Sanchez.

Police believe a door or window at the apartment was not locked following a party, and believe that’s how the suspect got inside.

The victim told police she was awakened by movement in her room and noticed an unfamiliar man standing over her bed.

“He reached down and groped her and then she was able to push him back, get him out of the apartment and then he fled on foot,” said LAPD Detective Brent Hopkins.

Detectives have a vague description of the man, and they don’t believe he is a UCLA student. Other students say they’re now being extra careful.

“I chose a roommate to stay with so that we can look after each other,” said student Ruochen Tao.

Police are reminding residents to always lock their doors and windows.

Detectives believe there may be more victims or witnesses in the area and are urging anyone with information to call the LAPD West Bureau at 310-444-0701.