By CBSLA Staff

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Disturbing video footage of a dog tied down with his mouth taped shut while riding in the bed of a pick-up truck has sparked outrage and prompted an investigation.

Cellphone video shows the Shepherd mix, Ringo, in the vehicle as the owner drove down the 405 northbound in Long Beach.

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“It didn’t look humane to me and my ‘spidey’ sense was going off and I said I had to do something about this,” said Erin Ryder, who took the video as she tried to get the driver to pull over.

Eventually, she said, the driver relented and stopped the car, loosening the ropes and removing the tape from the dog’s mouth.

Ryder, who produces a show about dogs, said she tried to bring the dog with her so she could keep him safe but the owner refused.

(Photo by Erin Ryder)

“I noticed that the dog had some injuries some skin injuries, some mange, I thought this is a dog who hasn’t been cared for and may have something more wrong with it,” Ryder said.

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In a statement, Long Beach Police said they ran the driver’s license plate and after tracking him down, determined that no crime was committed.

Ryder was there as animal control officers took Ringo from his owner’s business, where he served as a guard dog.

They also took Ringo’s sister, Barbie, and will examine to see if the dogs were abused.

Ringo and Barbie.

The owner claims the entire ordeal that sparked so much attention was a misunderstanding.

He said he was bringing the dog home from the vet after the dog was diagnosed with foot cancer. He said he put the tape over the dog’s mouth because Ringo had chewed through the rope before and he didn’t want him to jump out onto the freeway.

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Animal control workers said after the two dogs are examined and released, they’ll go to a dog rescue, where they’ll be treated and likely put up for adoption to find them a forever home.