LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA) — Testimony is expected to continue this week in a neighbor-versus-neighbor dispute that includes the theme song from the 1960s classic “Gilligan’s Island.”

Tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq says he can hear his neighbor, William Gross, allegedly blare the theme song on a loop, all-night long, for hours at a time.

The lawsuit says Gross and his girlfriend who cohabitates with him play their “loud music constantly at decibel levels and at times of day well over the municipal code limits. Gross and Schwartz’s typical pattern was to project earsplitting music much of the day and then switch to theme songs such as the one for ‘Gilligan’s Island’ intermittently throughout the night.”

Gross, a billionaire, lives in a $32 million mansion in the upscale Orange County community of Laguna Beach. The feud stems from the installation of a large glass sculpture worth $1 million which Gross displays with netting to protect it.

Towfiq alleges the net blocks his view of the ocean, while Gross says the net is necessary to protect the sculpture.

To that end, Towfiq informed the city of the actions, and the suit alleges, “The City investigated, found the complaint to have merit, and issued a notice of violation to Defendants.”

As a result, and allegedly in retaliation, the suit says Gross has allegedly been blaring his music. Officers have been called to the home several times and one officer testified that she found the music “unreasonably loud.”

The defendants are also accused of blasting other music, such as the theme songs from “M*A*S*H” and “Green Acres” on a loop, according to the lawsuit.

Testimony was expected to continue this week.

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