LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The matra, “in it together,” remains relevant as the coronavirus pandemic continues worldwide.

A couple who also connected with the phrase, through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, penned a song with the same message and they’re hoping to share those words once again, far and wide.

While Heather St. Marie and Mat Dauzat’s song, “In It Together” is personally significant to them, their goal is to have everyone connect with it in some way.

“(It’s) more about the community that rallied around us, as soon as we decided to share this cancer battle,” said Dauzat.

In August 2018, Heather found a lump in her breast, got it checked out, and learned within a week that she had cancer.

After completing treatment — which consisted of a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation — the Louisiana natives wanted to share about the triumph of their journey.

“I took her to every single (cancer) appointment and everybody was so loving… strangers that were there because they knew we were all going through the same thing. In it together,” Dauzat said. “And that’s kind of where that came from.”

“We needed a purpose and thought let’s take the site we went to and got a lot of information, and we decided, why not partner with them?” St. Marie said.

The husband and wife partnered with the American Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

“We need to remember everybody is going through their own battles right now… it could be hidden,” St. Marie said. “Take the time to be gentle with others, gentle with yourselves.”

Learn more about how to donate to cancer research and check out the music video for “In It Together” here.


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